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Experimenting with long-form writing in the Fediverse.


I am a RNG (Random Network-#infosec Guy): do not expect better toots than those produced by an infinite number of monkeys. #Antispeciesist


Techie, software developer, hobbyist photographer, sci-fi/fantasy & comics fan in the Los Angeles area. He/him.

Katherine M. Moss

Service Desk representative. Technologist, musician, and lover of all things otherworldly. I'm from Boston, Massachusetts. Find me either playing with my network, playing the piano, or talking to faeries.

X_Cli @X_Cli


Igual entre iguais. Facilitador. Editor de contidos. Tradutor. Ciberactivista...


ZĂ©ro Janvier @zerojanvier

Blogueur. Lecteur obsessionnel, sériephile assidu, cinéphile occasionnel, amateur de comics. Citoyen engagé.

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researcher + sysadmin + developer + rostocker papa --

Hey Manu!!

Porque soy mexicano!
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Luke @Luke

Katherine M. Moss

Service Desk Representative. Bostonian. I run the Open Source community StormlightTech on the side. I am spiritually aware, I use real magic, and I have a good standing with the Fae colonies of the North. All questions on any subject are welcome, for I love to interact with the wider world. Teach me anything. I absorb information like a sponge.