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Michael Grube :mastodon: @grumi@mastodon.online

Alles außer Verschwörungen, Corona, Schnee und niedliche Tiere 😉

News, Fotografie, IT, Sicherheit, Datenschutz, Open Source, ...


Lutin Discret @lutindiscret@mastodon.libre-entreprise.com

Développeur #Java chez @codelutin et bricole sur #finance #rémunération #juridique #MécénatCodeLutin

Mes opinions (nombreuses et tranchées) ne sont pas celles des autres lutin⋅es, et c'est tant mieux #diversité

Den @den@webopt.eu

HMF @hamefang@weirder.earth

ENG/PL/NO | she/her | sapphic grey | occasional artist | DnD 5e player/DM | urban gardener | icon art by Privat-Livemont

Backup http://mastodon.online/@hamefang
Backup http://mstdn.social/@hamefang
Tech http://tech.lgbt/@hamefang
Art http://mastodon.art/@hamefang
DnD http://tabletop.social/@hamefang
Old account http://mastodon.social/@hamefang

Lee Matthew Jackson @lee@trailblazer.social

Host of the Agency Trailblazer Podcast, Youtube & LBRY Channel. Open source advocate, dad, husband, geek... not in any particular order :D

LPS @lps@masto.1146.nohost.me

Ercanbrack @ercanbrack@mastodon.online

Hello! I am a new Mastodon user. I'm currently trying to break free from corporate social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. I'm concerned about algorithmic manipulation, censorship, and online privacy issues. Politically, I'm a citizen of the United States, an Independent with Centrist views, and am concerned about how ideologically divided my country is. I am interested in learning and teaching how to avoid disinformation and media bias. I have an interest in Linux / Open Source Software

FOSS-ASAP @fossasap@fosstodon.org

Informing, educating and motivating migration to #FreeSoftware

Senfcall.de @senfcall@chaos.social

[english version below]
Datenschutzfreundliche #Videokonferenzen mit #BigBlueButton. Damit auch in Krisenzeiten niemand auf #Privatsphäre verzichten muss.

Gib deinen Senf dazu mit Senfcall!

Privacy-friendly #videoconferences using BigBlueButton. Free-of-charge and free-as-in-freedom. No registration needed (unless you need persistent rooms).

0x1C3B00DA @0x1C3B00DA@edolas.world

Video gamer, web developer, comic reader, and tabletop game player @zack@toot.cafe @zack@5py.de