Articles tagged "Utilities"

Use the Gboard Secret Trackpad [Android]

Learn how to use this lesser-known feature of GBoard

Balena Etcher - Create Bootable USB or SD Cards [Win/Lin/Mac]

Flash OS images to SD cards and USB drives, safely and easily.

MonitorControl Lite app [ macOS]

Control your (built-in and/or external) display's brightness, volume, and contrast, from the macOS menu bar

Latest app - Software Update Checker [ macOS]

Free and open source app for macOS that checks if all your apps are up to date

Check the Battery Health on Your Samsung Galaxy Phone

There's an app for that :) 

Let Alfred Take Over Spotlight [macOS]

Free app that can replace Spotlight search

Unclutter Your Menu Bar [macOS]

Hide menu bar icons to tidy it up