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Our blog is now federated

We decided to move our blog to the fediverse.


Clothes-free advocacy and the Fediverse

Why the Fediverse is the better social network for nudies

How to use plume for blogging and federate

... a self-paced tutorial

inital commit (second try)

'macro-blogging' in the fediverse age

inital commit

'macro-blogging' in the fediverse age

We're Back!

Plume version upgraded from 0.4.0 to 0.7.1


Let's federate!

WordPress 的 ActivityPub 外掛

La technologie ne nous sauvera pas

l'open-source non plus, pas tout seul

By fredoJanuary 3, 2022Vitis

Comment les réseaux sociaux alternatifs nourissent notre addiction

Changer de design

By fredoJanuary 3, 2022Vitis

Hello world!

My (obligatory) introduction post