Natural Time Currency and Creation

Creations can be physical and unique/scarce, or digital and reproducible/abundant. Intellectual creations are unique to the creator and reproducible via digital distribution.

|———–|–––––|–––––| | | creation | distrib. | | physical | unique | unique | | digital | unique | abundant | | intellect | unique | abundant |

Examples are not limited to:

  • sculpture, painting: physical
  • software, photo: digital
  • opinion, wisdom, instruction, design: intellectual

Whereas in predatory economy the price is regulated by supply and demand, in the natural time economy, price is fixed by the amount of work invested by the creator.

Therefore distribution/allocation are not determined by the highest bidder, but rather through other allocation mechanisms (first come, highest need, round robin, equal opportunity, …)

In both economies, value can be nullified by contracts and licenses (open source, community, student, individual creator, non commercial, …)