Stressed Unsustainability

More than 75% of working adults report moderate to high stress levels. It is a global phenomenon trending towards more rather than less stress.

It has become very clear that work for others is often becoming more and more unsustainable for the individual as well as for society.

Why is this so?

Determining factors are

  • Economic pressure results in companies wanting to do more with less resources. While machines cannot be "stretched", people can (more tasks, longer hours, less pay).

  • Immature, unscrupulous leaders bully and abuse subordinates for egoist advantaged. And many let them for fear of losing their income and sustenance.

What can one person do?

  • Elevate your consciousness and stand your ground in this war against corporate evil. Admittedly, easier said than done. Wage the war or perish. The choice is yours.

  • "Eat or be eaten" behavior is not an alternative for a sustainable society. It just propagates more of the same and justifies evil behavior.

Fight for your right.