Technology and Humanity

What good is technology when it can be abused in hundreds of manners?

Any technology adds prosperity to our civilization. The iron knife to prepare food, the wheel to transport merchandise, the weapon to defend peace, the computer to work efficiently and have more time for personal development, the internet to share knowledge.

Those tools can also be used to murder, invade, wage wars, abuse employees, ideologize.

A blessing or a curse? Stupid question, because easy to discern.

What when technology deviates us from our path of becoming a better person, steals the time to think, calm, meditate, breath, or enjoy the simple things of life?

When information becomes overload, when distraction wastes time, when browsing alienates, when social media brainwashes, when gaming steals sleep, when work kills it is up to us to shake off the demons of technology, to continue using it wisely.

Wake up from the matrix!