We Shall Not Permit

We shall not permit narcissists, megalomaniacs, egoists, warlords, dictators, tyrants, despots, fascists, or psychopaths install unnecessary suffering for their peoples.

We shall prosecute nation rulers ambitious in advancing their individual interests at the prejudice of public good. They do not deserve to call themselves a measure of virtue and wisdom.

E.g. Jong-un, Jinping, bin Salman, Khamenei, Maduro, Nguesso, Putin, Orban, Kaczynski, Bolsonaro, Costa, Erdogan, Trump, and the likes of them (planetrulers.com).

Those who are powersick are many. They are not only country leaders, but also "local monarchs" like city mayors, party presidents, organization chairmen, department managers, or civil servants. Those bully types can be found everywhere.

It is our moral right and ethical obligation to destitute them.