Funkwhale 0.17 is out!

Spoiler: after more than three months of work and two weeks of testing, it's the most awesome one ;)

The new upload system

What's new?

We communicated a lot on the biggest change already, which is the brand new way of uploading and managing music on your Funkwhale instance, so check out those links if you want to know more about this specific feature:

Long story short, you can now upload your own music to Funkwhale without infringing copyright, and it's also easier to share music over the federation. It's also more secure and easier for admins to open their instance to newcomers.

Another interesting change is that we now support connecting a LDAP directory to your Funkwhale instance to use it as a login source. Many thanks to joshuaboniface for this awesome contribution!

Of course, this release includes plenty of smaller changes, bugfixes and enhancements. Check out the changelog for a detailed overview!

Special thanks

Many thanks to everyone involved in this release: testers, translators, issue openers and commenters, code and documentation contributors, reviewers, bakers, etc.

You made it possible!

What's next?

As a maintainer, I'm going to take a break on the development side, to focus on other areas, such as community management, setting up a structure around the project, improve the documentation, work on some guides and tutorials, etc.

Don't panic, I'll be there if we need to release hotfixes for this release anyway, and I expect to start working on new features by the end of the month.

If you are happy with this new release, please consider contributing. There are plenty of way to do so (including financially), depending on your available free time, resources, skills, etc. We'll do our best to find your something useful and interesting to do!

Have a happy sunday and upgrade :)