100% FREE seo tools

Optimizing the website, acquiring links, checking your work and observing the actions of the competition - all this can be done to some extent on our own without the use of additional tools, if, of course, our website is one page and our competitors do not do extensive activities. However, if we want to approach the matter a little more professionally, we have to resort to the help of programs, thanks to which carrying out analyzes will not only take less time, but will be possible at all.

URL Opener

will take only a second to open multiple sites with just a single click. For smaller websites, free SEO tools can often suffice. However, larger services require the use of more complex solutions. This article explains which free and paid SEO tools you should use.

LINKS TO 100% FREE seo tools

• Url Opener
• Backlink Ahrefs - Backlink Checker
• Smallseotools - A great tool for free!
Ranktank.org : It has over 30 free tools to use for basically anything related to SEO.
Keyword Suggestion - Automatically suggest keyword strings based on a single keyword.
• Create Sitemap - Easily create a sitemap that you can upload to Google Webmaster Tools.
• Find Broken Links - This is a tool that scans your entire site and highlights a number of link information, including internal and external links that need to be fixed.
• SERP Rank Checker – Tool that allows you to check different keywords on your website or blog and see their rank.
• Traffic Tracker – Allows you to track and compare the traffic on your website with other websites. A great tool for competitor research.
• Google Page Speed – Test your web page for load time and performance for desktop and mobile and identify opportunities to improve the speed of your sites.
​​• Google Analytics – Track your website visitors. and much more!
• Backlinkwatch - Another free tool to easily track backlinks.
• Serpfox - A free keyword checker to see where you rank on Google in almost every country.
• Moz Local Listing Score – See how your local business looks online
• Google Trends – Google Trends can show you rising potential terms and SEO opportunities for your content.