This Aged Advertising

The original content marketers are Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose.

In fact, I believe Epic Content Marketing was the first book I ever read about content marketing. I was truly brought into the space by it.

URL opener

Need an easier way to open a large number of URLs?

Web Url opener

is a fantastic tool that can open many URLs in one go, making it an invaluable asset for any SEO consultant.

This Old Marketing is a fantastic regular podcast on content marketing that discusses a tonne of contemporary themes. It’s a useful approach to stay informed about recent and forthcoming events (which is difficult in a space that moves so quickly).

Check out these three episodes:

Disney’s Latest Streaming Error

TikTok Goes Ted Talk: Marketing, Media, and the Metaverse, a Web3 Special

Every action is marketed

Everything is Marketing is led by Corey Haines. It’s a master class in anything marketing-related (of which everything, is by the title, included).

Through interviews with sincere marketers, business owners, and even those who don’t consider themselves marketers at all, he investigates marketing in all of its parts and dimensions in the podcast.

I appreciate that he doesn’t have the same guests as everyone else on the show, which is one of its best features. Additionally, the interviews are very interesting and instructive.

Check out these three episodes:

Developer Marketing and The DEV Content Framework by Adam DuVander

Amanda Natividad: Cold Email Outreach, Product-Led Content, and Permissionless Co-Marketing

William Moubeche Positioning in a crowded market, marketing like a media company, and bootstrapping to $10M+ ARR


The truthful and unconventional voice in content marketing is Jay Acunzo.

His novel Break the Wheel was fantastic. admiring his Twitter. always inspiring thought.

And that’s how his podcast is as well. My impression of Acunzo is that he is primarily an artist, and his opinions on content marketing support that. He is a true craftsman who views writing, podcasting, and other creative endeavours as more than just items on a to-do list but as opportunities to influence people and bring about positive change.

Check out these three episodes:

Conventional wisdom versus New Rockstars

The Idea: Acquired Helplessness

Nothing is dull (And You Can Too)

The Power Hour of Digital Analytics

The Digital Analytics Power Hour isn’t really about content marketing, as you can probably guess from the name.

But having a basic understanding of data literacy and content marketing analytics would be beneficial for all content marketers.

The best podcast on data-related topics is this one, by the way.

The guests are amazing and diverse, and it’s entertaining and educational. Love the chemistry between the hosts and the conversation’s “conference lobby bar” vibe. I wanted to model my interviews after this podcast because it is both extremely educational and enjoyable to listen to.

Check out these three episodes:

Machiavelli’s Three Letters at the Root of Analytical Angst, with Stacey Vanek Smith, for International Women’s Day

Learning through Reinforcement with Matt Gershoff