Best SEO Tools That SEO Experts Actually Use in 2022

Ubersuggest Getting keyword suggestions and competitor data is fine, right? Ubersuggest has a ton of features normally only found in premium SEO tools but Bulk Url opener is free to use. But it is 100% free. To use it, type in a keyword you want to rank for (or a competitor website you want to rank higher for). In addition, we will get a list of suggested keywordsthey are based on the keyword you have typed. While it is true that being a free tool it has some limitations and data that is not 100% accurate, Ubersuggest is a good starting point.

Similar Web Similar web analyzes our website and the sites of the competition . After that, it will give us interesting data such as approximate traffic, where this traffic comes from, global rankings, viewing percentages, etc. I don’t usually use it to write an article, for example, but it is a good option to get valuable information from the competition and apply it to our Marketing strategy.

MozBar MozBar is an extension for Chrome. It allows us to perform a number of SEO tasks from the browser, including keyword ranking research, an authority audit, schema validation, and SEO metrics reporting.

Yoast SEO Optimize your WordPress site by easily adding meta tags and an automatically generated XML sitemap. It will also guide you in writing your articles. Let’s not go crazy with wanting to have the Yoast SEO traffic light always green . Let’s remember, Yoast is a support to optimize, therefore, never a conclusive tool. If the user does not feel comfortable reading an over-optimized article, they will leave our page directly.

Buzz Sumo I often use BuzzSumo to discover articles that have gone viral on a particular topic . Above all, I read them and try to understand what has made them viral and, with that, I filter and try to improve the content for my articles.

SemRushs y Ahrefs SemRush and Ahrefs are not free tools . In fact, if we want to use them, their cheapest version is around 100 dollars a month. However, if we dedicate ourselves to SEO we cannot stop having one of the two. Analysis of the competition (complete), KW research, link tracking, position tracking, checking web positioning and endless possibilities that make these two tools, probably, more powerful to dedicate yourself to SEO.

Screaming Frog Screaming Frog finds technical SEO issues in seconds. Finding SEO errors on our site can be a BIG headache if we do it manually. This fantastic tool crawls our site using a google-like crawler and generates a report of possible problems ( such as HTTP header errors, javascript rendering problems, HTML and crawl errors ). While it is true that it is quite a technical tool and its free version analyzes up to 500 urls, Screaming Frog teaches us that SEO is more than just KW research done right.

Yandex Metric Yandex is a tool that I love. Not only because it measures the traffic of our website in a very precise way (comparing it with Google Analytics) but also because it has a particularity. Heat maps and session recording. What are heatmaps and session recording for? Obviously, to analyze the journey of our users through our site. What links do they visit more, what photography is less interesting, what route do they take when they are reading an article. Super valuable information that will help us modify parts of our website to suit the consumer.