Introduction to Social Media

Social media is a platform on the internet where you can get every kind of information in the form of news, web content, micro blogs, videos, instant messaging, wikis and photos. You can save multiple URLs of different social media sites in a file and can open them instantly with the help of

URL Opener

, a time saving tool. Opening all the URLs instantly will help you gather the information from different platforms.

Social media has become very important in this age of technology as every person is required to be updated with the news and circumstances all around the world.

What are the benefits of using social media?

No one can deny the importance and benefits of social media as it has become the basic need of each and every person. Here are its benefits that make it important for the people:

• Create and Publish content:

Social media is not only the platform for entertainment but it also helps people create, publish and share their content. Here are the platforms where you can upload your content:

• Facebook

• Instagram

• YouTube

• Twitter

• Snapchat

• TikTok

• Pinterest

• Linkedin

• Redit

You can also spread brand awareness with the help of these social media platforms as every person is the user of social media. Blogging sites also make you able to share your unique content with the people intending to read the relevant content.

• Ways of communication:

It has ended the distances between people as every person from one corner of the world can connect and communicate with the person in another corner of the world. You cannot only listen to the voices but can also do a video call all over the world. Use of social media expanded and many applications were introduced due to the increased use of cell phones. Whatsapp, Messenger and IMO can be used for video call and chat. These are also the photos and video sharing platforms.

• Social media for businesses:

Analysis has shown that majority of social media users are youngsters. So, many businesses have moved their brands to the social media where they advertise and optimize their sites to get more traffic and increased sales. It has helped most of the businesses enhance their return on investment as social media platforms are the best platforms for marketing. Brands used to run paid ads on Google but these ads are also run on Facebook and Instagram due to the increased traffic on the social media platforms.

How and why to use social media?

Billions of people use social media for the purposes of gathering the information, entertainment and research work. Its use depends on the human beings. It may be negative or positive. If it is used in a positive manner it helps you in the following ways:

• It connects you with the friends

• Helps you learn different professional skills online

• Entertain yourself

• Brand awareness

• Keeps you in touch with your clients

• Helps you earn the reviews of the customers

Do not waste your time only in entertaining yourselves on social media but use it for business and marketing objectives.