SEO Tools to Optimize Your Website for Success

Sitemap XML Generator (Freemium)

A sitemap is a file that contains details on the pages, videos, and other items on your website as well as the connections between them, according to Google’s definition. This file is accessed by search engines like Google to help them crawl your website more intelligently. A sitemap supplies the crawler with crucial information about the files you believe are important on your website.

Another technique to create a website that is highly indexable is to have a sitemap. You can use this tool to produce an XML and HTML sitemap for your website.

URL Opener

Searching for a tool to open multiple URLs simultaneously? Web Url opener is a great tool that can

open links

in a large number with a single click, making it a must-have for any SEO consultant.

How to Use This Instrument

Simply enter your website’s full URL, and the application will begin creating a sitemap:

Top Features: You may rapidly prepare your sitemap without having to register.

The sitemap that the programme generates is sent to you through email so that you can post it to your website later.

The information includes the number of pages, the number of broken links, the content of the XML file, and a link to the sitemap file.

The Reasons Why

A website’s ability to be crawled is enhanced via sitemaps. You can make distinct HTML and XML sitemaps with the aid of XML Sitemaps, which is advantageous for both users and search engines.

Enhanced Version

The free edition allows you to generate a sitemap for up to 500 pages. You must pay $3.49 a month for the premium edition if your website is significant. You can do this to make a sitemap for an infinite number of pages.

SEO Site Inspection (Freemium)

You can quickly examine SEO concerns using SEO Site Checkup, learn about the SEO strategy of your competitors, and produce reports that you can use to take appropriate action.

How to Use This Instrument

Simply type in your website’s URL and click “Checkup!”. After analysing the URL, the programme will give it a score out of 100. The higher the score, the more SEO-friendly your website is.

Top Features: The tool analyses a website’s on-page elements, including meta tags and keyword usage.

It examines your website’s speed and security.

It performs a mobile design assessment to determine whether or not the site is mobile friendly.

Additionally, it does tests for canonical tags, 404 pages, and structured data.

The Reasons Why

In addition to providing your site’s SEO score, this tool also provides instructions on how to address the SEO-related problems it has identified, such as speed, security, and mobile usability. To check the status of your website, you need only input its URL.

Enhanced Version

Up to five website checks are permitted daily in the free version, but you must sign up for an account to monitor more than one website daily. You will need to acquire a premium plan starting at $24.95 per month if you need to produce more than 300 reports per month for more than three websites.

Rank Checker for SERPs (Freemium)

You must be aware of how each of your pages is doing in relation to its keywords, and our keyword rank checker can be useful. Both Google and Yahoo allow you to conduct a keyword and domain search. Depending on the device being utilised, the current rating is also shown.

How to Use This Instrument

Simply enter the domain name and the keyword you want to track. The programme will automatically check the domain’s rankings for the chosen term.

Top Features: Without manually checking Google or a VPN, you can simply monitor how your website is performing in specific countries.

Additionally, SERPs provides free resources like the Google Location Changer and the Keyword Research Database.

You may monitor the position of your keywords across a number of areas with the help of the Location Changer.

The Reasons Why

Without having to manually verify them on Google, it is simple to monitor the rankings of keywords.

Premium Version

You can only check one keyword at a time with the free version; however, you may track up to 1,000 keywords by upgrading to the Premium version, which costs $99 per month.

Siteliner (Freemium)

You must review your website to determine if there are any duplicate pages because duplicate content is the death knell for any SEO efforts. Here is where Siteliner is useful.

How to Use This Instrument

Just enter your URL and press “Go.” From there, you can see every page with unique, shared, or duplicate content. This programme will also check your website for broken links.

Top features: The programme counts all of your site’s duplicate pages.

Additionally, the quantity of broken links and skipped pages is checked.

The report is available for download as a PDF file.

Enhanced Version

The premium version’s free registration entitles users to unlimited monthly checks on up to 25,000 pages. You must pay extra to use the tool. Each page scanned costs $0.01.

frog screaming Spider SEO (Freemium)

Any PC can have the desktop application Screaming Frog installed locally. It performs technical audits of any website in-depth by acting as a website crawler and log analyzer.

How to Use This Instrument

By selecting the download option, you must download the software. To access the tool after installation, click the Screaming Frog icon on your desktop.

After entering the URL you want to crawl, click start. For further evaluation, the programmed will automatically crawl and collect all the information relevant to the URLs.

Top Features: This tool aids in assessing onsite SEO elements including server faults, broken links, duplicate pages, and banned URLs. Additionally, it scans your website to assess the length and relevance of the title and meta descriptions.

It can also indicate whether any components are lacking. The application connects with Google Analytics, where users can generate error reports for further information.

The Reasons Why

When retrieving a series of URLs and examining key information like broken links or meta tags, Screaming Frog is incredibly helpful. This tool helps to increase SEO and saves a tonne of time.

Enhanced Version

The tool’s crawl limit for the free edition is 500 URLs. You must purchase a £149 (about $195) annual subscription to the Premium version if you want to study more than 500 URLs.