Unique, creepy and with a touch of tenderness: you can now watch the best horror movie of 2021 from home

Whoever goes to the cinema expecting to find a horror film is going to be disappointed,“ warned the director of Lamb , the Icelandic Valdimar Jóhannsson , in an interview with SensaCine during the 2021 Sitges Film Festival. However, already at the Festival at Cannes -where it won the award for originality in the Un Certain Regard section- many critics spoke of “high terror” and the reality is that a large part of the adjectives that have been attributed to the film since then are in the same sense. Lamb is strange, disturbing, disturbing, intriguing, and has the ability to cause nightmares. If you want to watch more Movie pLease Visit this Website


Icelandic candidate for the Oscars -although she was not nominated by the Academy-, after her triumph in Sitges -where, in addition to the award for Best Film, she saw Noomi Rapace ’s work awarded as Best Actress and won the Citizen Kane award for the Breakthrough Director for Jóhannsson- the film hit Spanish cinemas last November. Now, just over half a year later, you can enjoy it from your sofa at home starting today, Wednesday, June 22, and on the Movistar+ streaming platform.

Lamb ’s initial premise is as tender as it is intriguing, and its most popular still - that of a girl-sheep with a flower crown - provokes a mix between sweetness and chills . In it, a childless couple living quietly and leisurely on a farm in Iceland, Maria (Rapace) and Ingvar ( Hilmir Snær Guðnason ), discover among their flock a mysterious newborn creature: a hybrid between human and sheep that they adopt. as if she were his daughter and that, at first, fills them with joy. Later, happiness turns into a nightmare.

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“ Lamb is a quite original horror film“, reflected the critic and director of SensaCine Alejandro G. Calvo after the triumph of the film in Sitges. “It’s not a horror that seeks to cause scares, nor is it a more physical or bloody horror. What Lamb is trying to do is create an atmospheric horror that is very under the tension that is being seen in the film.”

But in addition to its ability to horrify hand in hand with a nightmarish atmosphere, full of tension, few dialogues and a completely calm rhythm , Lamb talks about universal, real and very human themes, such as loss, death, redemption and also of love, both romantic and family. It is “a fantastic context” in which the anomalous appears in the lives of the protagonists, but instead of running away, “they embrace it and try to find happiness”.

“I always made it very clear that this was not going to be a horror film, but a film that delved into the dramatic character of a family isolated from the world that will be surprised by an element that seems to have come from an Icelandic folk tale,” Valdimar agreed. Jóhannsson . “I never wanted to frame the film within any genre, although I understand that there are people who place it as a horror film.”

Lamb manages to combine the haunting and terrifying with the tenderness, while simmering and giving viewers some truly brilliant performances. And that is what makes it truly unique.

“We did all the scenes as they were going to be represented, so when the time came for the shooting with actors, we already knew perfectly how each and every one of the shots of the film was going to be,”

Johansson explained to SensaCine about a of the main features of the film. “It was always clear to me that my film was going to be ‘slow cinema’ : slow pace, few shots…”.