What is car paint protection and is it worth your money?

Car paint protection can keep your car looking new for a long time. It is available in various types, each with its various protection abilities. The most commonly used is made up of sealant and wax, while there are more expensive options such as ceramic or protection films. That being said, we are here to help you determine which of these paint protection products are worthy of investment, no matter how cheap or expensive they may seem.

Before we get started, let’s look at what these paint protections can do in order to keep the damaging elements of the weather from your vehicle’s paint. Wax and sealants are thought of as old technologies, as they’ve been found to have a low melting point. The sealants and waxes do not stand up to chemicals and can easily be removed with certain car shampoos. Ceramics and protection films are longer-lasting paint protection solutions, because they are held for longer and are durable enough to stand up to the abuse.

With this in mind do you think it’s worth the price you’re paying for? It’s a simple question; paint protection products aren’t created to trick us into paying extra cash. They are meant to do the job , because we can neglect our duty to protect our vehicles and ignore things that ruins the paint. Paints on cars, if neglected, are prone to fade due to regular exposure to various weather conditions , and can be damaged by elements from outside, like rainwater or stones on long drives.

Although it seems an extremely beneficial option, car paint protection is better than needing to polish and wax your car. It is possible that you have already got the hint, but let us explain more.

Ever heard about Paint & Corrosion Warranty? This is a form of protection that certain car dealerships or manufacturers offer to customers as part of their warranty coverage. It is important to be aware that surface corrosion caused by stones or damage caused by the environment is not covered by the warranty. This is why car paint protection is offered in the package when you buy your new car. Unfortunately, this is not mandatory and is considered to be a option for some drivers. If this is not within your budget, then what you could do to preserve the vehicle’s paint is to get it regularly washed adequately and have your car waxed. This way you will be able to preserve the paint without having to pay for paint protection products. paint protection products and the application onto your car.

Before we conclude in the end, we must point out a slight misconception about car paint protection coats. One myth about it, especially for film or ceramic paint protection, is that it makes the car scratch-proof. Part of it is true in that it assists you protect your paint but it merely signifies you’re car is resistant to scratches. It is only able to resist minor scratches, and that’s all. It is essential to keep in mind not to confuse resistance and proof, since both are completely different terms.

Our verdict? Based on our experiences with individuals who have had first-hand experience with car paint protection in the past, car paint protection can be something that’s a luxury. It’s a matter of whether you can afford it. the extra paint protection isn’t a bad thing if you have a budget for it. But, it’s not something you have to do or even a requirement. Simply know how to keep you car paint and remain mindful of elements that can ruin it. Be sure to wash your car due to the fact that prolonged exposure to UV and rainwater could harm your paint.