Learning More About A Tire Pyrolysis Plant

Learning More About A Tire Pyrolysis Plant

The tire pyrolysis plant combines the batch and continuous type pyrolysis plant. The batch type plant is often utilized to feed the raw material by using a batch. The appliance can never feed raw material after which discharge concurrently. Only after cooling down the plant and discharging the carbon black can the following process begin.

However, the continuous tire pyrolysis plant is normally employed to feed the raw materials in one particular side. These materials might include plastic and tire, as well as the equipment will discharge the carbon black (final product) continuously through the other part. Both types of tire pyrolysis plant derive from green technology (or pyrolysis) to preserve an environmentally friendly process. Undoubtedly, this is actually the best tire management solution when it comes to tire recycling.

Why Would You Need A Tire Pyrolysis Plant?

There are 2 major factors behind the high requirement for tire pyrolysis machine. Furthermore, with the growth of social modernization, the rubber industry has also been actively developing. What’s more, the rubber products have wide applications in all of the works of life, specifically in tire manufacture. Each and every day, a lot more scrap particles, including tires, are made and accumulated to such huge amounts. Due to the erode-resistant feature of tires, the key pollution risk was posed to hygiene along with the environment.

What’s more important is that, when processed using tyre pyrolysis plant, the different types of waste tires could be changed into useful resources. And they resources can be applied in several areas:

  1. Tire oil
  • Can be sold outward

  • Using oil distillation equipment, tire oil can be turned into gasoline or diesel

  • When added into an oil generator, it could generate electricity

  • Bring fuel for heating the reactor

  1. Carbon black
  • May be sold outward

  • May be reprocessed into refractory briquette or coal, and color masterbatch

  1. Steel wire
  • Can be sold outward

  • Using hydraulic press-packing, it might be deeply processed to create steel bloom

4.Combustible gas

  • Might be stored for future use as fuel for heating

  • Can be sent back for the furnace to heat the reactor

How Can the Tire Pyrolysis Plant Work?

The tire refining machine decomposes waste tires in a extremely high-temperature process until it generates various kinds of useful resources, which include fuel gas, steel wires, carbon black, fuel oil, etc. Undoubtedly, it’s fascinating that tire recycling equipment will produce renewable resources out of pollution and waste.

Raw materials approximately 120mm are suitable in terms of the batch tire pyrolysis plant. This means that relatively large tires should be processed using pretreatment devices. On the other hand, for constant working in a completely automatic tire pyrolysis machine, it’s prudent to scrap the materials using a scale of 30mm to 50mm. However, there are specific pretreatment devices suitable to process the complete tire.

Undoubtedly, investing in this particular project or equipment will bring in much considerable profit for the economy and society. Why not purchase one today and save the environment!