Slightly Off Topic: My Feelings About 1984

For me, Orwell is permanently associated (ironically) with a kind of university / academic authoritarianism, that asks students to write 1,000 word essays about something that was only really the final line in the novel 1984.

I mean literally, no other line, an 1,000 word essay about that single god damn line.

You can probably imagine now, why I was determined not make my MC Nadine, not "love Big Brother" no matter how much suffering she went through.

And worse yet, the guy pretending to be a university teacher, was purely unaware of his own short comings in teaching: that only his opinion was right. That 1984 is the only realistic way to write a dystopia.

But it gives me a permanently generally negative association with George Orwell himself.

The entire insanity of the whole thing is, both me and Orwell are Libertarian Leftists as well, so I would not have disliked the man himself.