The Community Paradox

the only rule should be no rules allowed

Rules are dumb and communities or really any organized gathering of people is retarded and fundamentally flawed. There's always gonna be that one power hungry nigge who's gonna rise up to the top and push their agenda onto everybody else, and then they're gonna start kicking out people who think differently and 'ranking up' people who make them feel good. I know this shit sounds gay but it actually happens, there are stinky nerds that do this.

For example, there's one chatroom full of tech enthusiasts that succumbed to nothing, they don't talk about anything really, but when someone comes in and starts posting anime stuff, they get banned right away.

However, this stupid thing works, it's how you build large communities. By setting strict and pointless rules based on personal taste, you attract people who think this adds to "quality", and by giving them moderator, and later administrator permissions, they stay for pretty much as long as they have these privileges.

If you have a totally anarchic service with little to no moderation, most people would shitpost in it for some short period of time, and then leave. However, a place with little to no moderation and interesting people thrives in it's own way, it lets people build friendships without much to be afraid of. New ideas can manifest and it's really the more natural way to make friends.

Break your next community by breaking rules they didn't think to make yet. See how their autistic admins and mods show their worst selves. You learn by breaking things, and everyone can learn from disobedience. Kill niggers, fuck elves, and hang trannies. Shoot midgets too.