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about the license feature on Plume posts

one of my favorite things about Plume so far is that you can customize the licensing (think of it like a copyright) on individual posts. This actually is great for protecting against the plagiarism that ran rampant on Tumblr. (click to read more about Creative Commons Licenses)

Advice from a 90's kid

I witnessed the rise and fall of Myspace, I was there in the early days of Facebook (which I may also leave soon), I had a Twitter account way back in the beginning, I've dabbled in Ello (it's like Tumblr and Twitter somehow had a baby that is worse than both of them), and honestly, this Plume thing seems really promising. I know it doesn't look like much yet, and I can't get the tagging system to work (please send help), but this platform actually has "it"...

Goodbye Tumblr

Hello Mastodon and Plume (you have to click on this thing to read the rest of the article)