Marketing your book on a budget.

book on a budget

It is critical to promote and advertise your books if you want to be successful. After all, if readers are unaware of your existence, they will not flock to you. However, promotion can be costly, and you are responsible for all of the costs.

Even if you don’t have any money, here are several strategies to advertise your book using

Book editors

and book marketers


Guest blog posts.

Guest postings aren’t dead, despite popular belief. They can still be an effective means of drawing attention to yourself and your work. The trick is to write content for blogs that cater to readers of your genre.


Do some research to identify blogs in your field and contact the proprietors to offer to write a guest article. Many blogs have guest post guidelines, so look for them (and follow them) if they exist.


Remember to provide a brief bio (one or two phrases) at the bottom of the post to direct readers to your work.


Interviews for blogs and podcasts.

Some blogs, as well as practically every podcaster, are actively seeking authors to interview. Again, search for content creators in your genre and contact them through their websites or other means.

It is beneficial to create a solid pitch, and the key is to inform the content creator of what makes you a suitable interview candidate.


Make Your Podiobooks and Podcasts.

Podcasts are a rapidly expanding business because they provide listeners with free content to search and listen to at their leisure. There are podcasts on almost any subject imaginable, including programs dedicated to telling stories. Podiobooks are the common name for these.

Read your work aloud and record it on your phone or computer, or if you have one, on a separate recording device. Once you have recorded, you can make these available on Stitcher, iTunes, Google Play, and a variety of other platforms. Use Libsyn or, which both provide RSS feeds that may be used to distribute your content to subscribers.


Tell folks where they may find you and your books online at the start and finish of each program.


Make your own YouTube channel.

Video, like podcasts, is becoming increasingly popular and covers virtually every topic imaginable. Create a YouTube channel where you may talk about your work, read samples, interview other authors, answer questions from readers and viewers, and whatever else comes to mind.


Facebook Promoted Posts.

A promoted article can help you gain traction if you have a small budget, even $5 per day.

Write the post as though promoting your book, with a good photo. You may grab a free stock image (or pay $1 for one) from and then layer your book on top of it if you want. Use it to supplement the short content you’ll be writing for your post.


Share this on your Facebook Author page. You can then share it with anybody you choose, including groups you belong to, provided the rules allow it. More crucially, you may pay to promote your post from your author’s page, turning it into an ad. You can do this for limited money and acquire a few new readers.