3 Characteristics Of A Top Cataract Surgeon

Eyes are one of the most precious gifts one has. As gadgets usage is increasing every year, myopia and cataract rate has also been increasing. In Singapore, studies have shown that 80% of 18 years old suffer from myopia, and of which 20% have high myopia. Those suffering from high myopia will have a high risk of eye diseases such as retinal detachment, macular degeneration, early cataract and glaucoma. Cataract is due to the clouding of the natural crystalline lens inside the eye which causes light to be scattered and blocked. Hence resulting in impaired vision similar to the forested glass which affects night driving and glares of vision. In order to avoid these misfortunes, we should contact our trusted cataract surgeon immediately.


Cataract is the most common cause of vision loss mostly at the age of 40 and above. It is one of the main factors causing blindness in the world and can happen to anyone at any stage in life. At a young age, the crystalline lens in the eye is mostly clear and cataract does not develop. But as we age, mostly around 40-50 years, the natural crystalline lens becomes cloudy developing cataract and affects the vision particularly in low light conditions.

Main Symptoms:

Some of the main symptoms of cataract are:

  1. Blurred vision
  2. Lack of color differentiation
  3. Scattered light and halos around the light
  4. Poor night vision especially in low light
  5. Need to change spectacles power but no improved vision

Types of Cataract:

There are many types of cataract but most common ones are:

  1. Age-Related: is the most common type and is caused by many unknown factors.
  2. Traumatic: caused by Blunt/Penetrating Eye Injuries, Electrocution, Chemical Burns, or Radiation Exposure.
  3. Metabolic: caused by Uncontrolled Diabetes, Galactosemia, Wilson Disease, or Myotonic Dystrophy.


Cataract is not something that should be left untreated as it will not disappear on its own but will eventually result in vision loss. There are no medicines for Cataract but there are a few ways to treat Cataract. The most common way to treat Cataract is the bladeless laser cataract surgery which only takes about 15 minutes with over a million patients choosing the catarct surgery each year. According to SNEC(Singapore National Eye Centre) the success rate, safety, and predictability of the outcome is 97-98%.

Cataract Surgery:

As soon as you suspect Cataract with some of the symptoms listed above, you should not wait but straight away book an appointment with your preferred cataract surgeon. When it comes to medical treatment, we Singaporeans tend to be more kiasu, therefore, I have listed down 3 characteristics of a top cataract surgeon in order to make this process simple.

  1. Qualification & Experience
  2. Techniques & Facilities
  3. Reviews & Testimonies

1. Qualification & Experience

As we start researching on Google for best eye doctor or cataract surgeon, the most important factor we all rely on is the qualification and experience. We need to make sure that the cataract surgeon is well qualified. For instance, Dr David Goh of NOVENA Bladeless Cataract Surgery & Eye Specialist Centre has studied in the UK with a number of medical degrees such as B.Med. Sci (UK), MBBS (UK), MRCOphth (Lond), FRCO (Lond) Medical Director & Senior Consultant Ophthalmologist.

Secondly, experience is a key to trust, if we know that a doctor has more than a decade of experience, we will definitely prefer him as compared to one with less experience. Dr Goh has more than 15 years of experience in this industry proving him to be your preferred choice for bladeless laser cataract surgery.

2. Affiliation & Facilities

Singapore is an international hub for medical specialists and people from south Asia, the middle east and around the world come here for the treatment of various complex diseases. Therefore, affiliation with reputable institutes and government bodies will prove to be an ambassador for those considering to make appointments. At the same time, if a cataract specialist has the latest technologies and well-equipped facilities, it automatically builds trust and increases the chances of gaining good customer reviews. Dr David Goh provides an advanced computer-guided 100% bladeless laser cataract surgery. Being an Artificial Intelligence enthusiast, he aims to provide the latest and most advanced software technologies to provide premium eye care services to cataract patients.

3. Reviews & Testimonies

According to Google, % customer read the reviews and then decide which product and services to choose from. Therefore, it is important that we look at the online reviews before we choose our cataract surgeon. For instance, Dr David Goh, has intensive experience in ophthalmology, specializing in surgical experience in complex Cataract as well as simple and complex Glaucoma. He also routinely gives clinical skills lectures at regional and international level with many clients testimonials proving him to be one of the best Cataract Surgeons in the region.

Bladeless Laser Cataract Surgery in Singapore is gaining popularity every year because of its quick painless effective procedure which is done within 15 minutes and patients are able to discharge within a few hours. Therefore, the selection of cataract surgeon can be somewhat challenging but with a bit of online research, finding out about their qualifications and experience, affiliation and facilities and reviews and client testimonials, you will be able to choose the most suitable cataract surgeon for you and your loved ones.