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Sagesses bouddhistes, Aware by Jean-Claude Van Damme

Hello people

Today, I share with you my current reading, after read a lot of religious book, I need to read another thing, because my culture is not only based on religion, sometimes I do some drawing, or I do play some videos games, do listen music. Or another entertainment. And of course, I do love to run in the city. I’m not a full geek like when I was young, because when you do be older, you have more difficulties to be on internet and social network; because of course the DEFCON System Defense, that government use for not explode the earth when you are angry on the keyboard. Like the young kid german movie, when He want to play counter-strike.

So, My first discover for this month is Aware by Nicolas Garreau; Aware is word was created by the belgian cinema actor Jean Claude Van Damme, or the old star of Hollywood;

And in this book, they share some quotes or facts about the talking philosophy of Van Damme, Aware is a word to say : “ When you are aware, you do be like a plant, without eye, without ears, you can smell the vibration. Because the world was created by the flesh. molecular, and electricity. Like the big bang (JHWH prayers Hi !! :) ) . And together, this is the Universe. And all the species of the world are aware. (not like antispecists when they said don’t kill animals lol). So maybe animals are aware too. Or human are animal.

Van damme in the T.V Show; said a lot of thing, but he was accused a drug man, so maybe fries is an drug ? :D

And of course the second magazine that I read, is Sagesses Bouddhistes - Le mag.

In This magazine they talk about buddhism, some interview of monk, grand masters buddhist, disciple, Zen masters, and others personnality of Buddhism World that I don’t understand or I don’t discover. Because for me it’s new, reminding me of Catherine Despeux’s book on taoism, that I read when I was younger.

I am very fascinated for Asian World, but I don’t read manga enough, particulary by the philosophy of Asia, and of course, the traditional method of the art of living. But I’m not Asian (private joke, yeah my dick is small but ;) don’t care, I don’t have tentacular dick like on Asian mythologies, oh no what do I write ? Jimmy talk me about Blue Dragon. Mmh ok, I compare buddhist religion, with fictional drawing manga, the eye of tiger maybe). Yeah, I love old Kung Fu Movie, and when I was young my favorite dealer was an Asian Man. lol. And sometimes I remember when I do drunk some Chinese beer in Tang’s Brother Shop. But now, it’s not cheap, year after year, asian food was more expensive.

So, let’s go back to the “Buddhist wisdom magazine”, in this book I learn some little phrasing, Like the important breathing, When you breathe you are alive, or They talk about death. In occidental culture, some dead are made up, they clean the bodies before burying them, and In oriental culture, some dead are more natural, it doesn’t smell good, the faces are rotting, because this is not the same importance for the dead. Some phrasing like : You can’t be buddhist, but you can be Buddha. Yeah this is an another philosophy, I remember my muslim french teacher when I was young, He said : “I hate all the words ending in -ism”. In this magazine they talk about Samatha ( penetrating meditation ) or Vipassana ( Penetrating vision ) or Dukkha ( dissatisfaction and suffering ). I don’t have all the jargon but the words seem familiar to me, because in Islam it is translated differently.

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