When I have got skin problem

In the justice court, you are white or you are black. For black law, and white law. But me, I’m mixed one, so mixed race. My father is white, and my mother is black. And of course people know better than me my parents. I’m homosexual. It’s very difficult to live with this pain. Some woman are so wise with me. Maybe they know the problem. It’s like a dog when he sniff you. For detect my human emotions. but some mens and womans do know why you are sick or depressed.

I have got a sensation, that I can’t be happy, because I have money problem; or I want to be concentrate and I can’t. But, I have got a lot of “stranger thing”. Particulary about laughting and criminal act. Maybe, because I love to read newspaper. Or listen rap music. In the street, When I walk, I think I’m in network communication. Not alone. (Hi matrix), I think sometime, it’s an dangerous road. With a lot of historical criminal act. And I see to the left, and to the right, when I’m running. But when I’m staying position; it’s like that, because it’s important to observate.

This is like the last time you see that. In that condition. But sometime you want to see more. Because, it’s funny. And sometime, you don’t want to see more, because there is difficult for some people, for view you like a looser man. When you are drunk, or in other substance. But for practice that. You have an experience, and of course you have a lot of lessons in this street.  Because, I’m not only with this attitude moment. In this world. And you smell what is not good. Like an animal. But your master sometime don’t want you do hunting, or talking, or you are agressive. In the street, this is an another law, without police. Because mafia corrupt you. And sometime money is an solution.

Poor man, for poor world. Sadly your’s.