When communists have internet

You see some things in the Meadow

I don’t have partner, no wife, no boyfriend, but I’m homosexual. When I do drink coca cola, I’m happy enthusiast. Sometime I do go, in the forest, and I don’t see the bird, because he is Hidden. Not like the old Egyptian story of Isis the goddess of kingship and protection of the kingdom .

In the forest, there are some mushroom, and when You have that, you should be happy, you want to live like a Hippie, nude and with peaceful in your earth. There is some stars in your eyes. Jammy said me: “Cool Hippie, you are so junkie, but you don’t have money, and you are an total shit”. But my answer for that is : “ Take a Adidas Shoes in the store, and you could be love the black dick in the pants of your brother.“ So, this is not an novel for LGBT, don’t be afraid. When you leave forest, for do go in the street, this is an new story for your brain.

In the street, everyday you are sick, everyday you have mental health problem, very bad illness. But you live with the secret weapon on the society, you do need more pills, more tobacco, more red wine, and more death around you. And of course, some people; are addict to view you, on the pavement.

When time rules the capitalism, you are sitting up on the pavement, you are waiting, like an imp, you are waiting like an gremlin. What are you waiting ? My answer for that is: “I’m waiting the sign”, and forget about where is the good way. Never seen the good sign. And again, I don’t see the bird.

In the nature, or in the city, there is no bird. No family, and no love. Human is slave and machine is liberty. My brain is slave, and this computer is liberty.