how the internet lobotomized people

When you watch some video, in your brain, you ask “is this real or fake” and you don’t have answer for that.

Some soldiers do need to have a bad treatment for be strong, and internet is ready for that ! How to have a good mental preparation ? This is the difficulty, because all people is not prepared for receive the order. When you watch movie, music, or read some texts, this is like you are entering in the conspiracy. Some people are very engaged for manipulate the opinion. So, imagine you have seen a gore movie, and when you watch that, you laugh ! For you it’s sarcastic, but for some person it’s very shocked movie, or an afraid movie. And this is what some person said “only Nazi can laugh for view that”. Or, “ this is Nazi humor“ . Some child are exposed for see gore movie, or for listen gore music.

And when they are pre-teen or adult; it’s easy for them to have a natural condition to collect some bad feel and transform that on good feel, not a joke, this is not a emo goth experience; like the dark to the light. And for me, I have trouble experience with that, with music and with movie because it’s prohibited by some religious cult, and of course, laugh is forbidden too. This is for some people an association for Satan.

But, in the real life; when some people falls from a step or falls from a pavement you laugh by the ridiculous. And on internet, you laugh because you do watch some gunshot movie from real life and where they have an very ridiculous death scene. But only when you are in very good condition of feeling about your brain psychology.

Some website are offer you an stupid MCQ; for know by your answer if you are sadistic or an dangerous psychotic criminal with a lot of personality trouble.

Or if you don’t have nothing problem; this question is like : “ what do you prefer ? Girl does play with red liquid in balloon, or Girl does kiss him mother“. And attribute you some points for your answer. These stupid question is for determine what are you, by what do you enjoy, or what you don’t enjoy.

Maybe Internet, does connect you to an another world, because some people when they don’t have internet, you can’t find them and talk with them in your real life. So if you have internet, you are exposed, for have a knowledge about something you don’t care; and the network people operate for you to share and meet with some people that can be manipulated you. Because, in your real life, we have some question, and some subject that can’t help you for know the truth; like this simply question : “Do you know if the price of this product is more expensive in your real life than on internet”.

And of course, you will be manipulated by the conditions of your perception. Because Internet, make yourself that what you don’t want to be.

And of course Orelsan said in french on Civilisation Album, and Seul avec du Monde Autour music : “ Adieu Twitter, Insta’, Snap’, dommage, j’vais rater quelques mèmes J’travaille mes sons, j’travaille mon shoot, j’travaille mon couple, j’travaille mes textes C’est fou, j’travaille tout le temps, mais c’est les vacances dans ma tête “ .  And VALD the french rapper said in V album Peon music: J’suis né sur Internet, j’mourrai sur Internet, j’fais l’argent d’Internet, j’suis la pute d’Internet

Internet, Internet, Internet, j’en peux plus d’vivre à travers c’putain d’Internet

Méchant comme Internet, grandir sur Internet, chanter du Michael après Leaving Neverland