How Solar Hot Water Heater Works and Its Maintenance

Among the most popular water heating systems used in homes and office complex is the solar hot water heater. In contrast to water heaters from electricity or gas, this system uses photovoltaic panels or what is typically known as a collector.

This collector element will later be installed on the roof of a structure or house that has the ability to be exposed to direct sunlight. The solar energy that has actually been gathered can later be utilized to heat water. The process of heating up the water also uses a part called a cylinder or tube. This tube is utilized as a location to store warm water which will stream utilizing a pipes.

The advantage of using this solar hot water heater system is that sunlight can be a totally free, relatively safe, and limitless energy source. Although the season in Indonesia itself is the rainy season, the need for warm water can be helped with a backup heater with electric power.

How does a solar hot water heater work?

The pemanas air tenaga surya working system is assisted by a warm water tube or storage tank whose function is practically the same as a thermos. The tube will be connected to an adapter panel whose function is as a place to heat water. This panel consists of an absorber plate that serves as a stove and connecting pipelines that drain hot water from the connector panel to the water tube.

The cold water pipeline causing the water tube flows into this connector panel and the procedure of warming the water happens. The hot water in the tube has a temperature level of about 60 degrees Celsius and because of the push of cold water, the hot water will flow to the faucet. In this process, there is also a mix of hot water with cold water so that the hot water temperature is safe and not excessive.

Solar hot water heater upkeep

How to care for a solar water heater to keep it resilient can be finished with the following ideas:

Regular monthly routine assessment:

  • Check for physical damage to the hot water heater circuit.
  • Clean all the dust that has actually accumulated on the engine system, consisting of the circulation pipe.
  • Check whether there are no leakages in all components and whether the parts can still work effectively.
  • Check whether the air vent is still functioning appropriately due to the fact that this element is essential as a hot steam cooler in case of extreme heat.

6-month routine evaluation:

  • Check the control pump to guarantee a smooth water supply. Pipes likewise need to be examined to prevent leak due to rust.
  • The solar water heating system needs to be drained pipes by replacing the water.
  • Check these parts: pressure valve, one-way valve, and examine valve.

It is essential to know how the solar hot water heater works and its maintenance so that the engine system can work properly.