The Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Water Heaters You Need to Know

A warm bath is small convenience that will knock out all the fatigue after the activity. Perhaps after a long day at work, unwinding in the tub and indulging yourself with warm water is something you’ve been awaiting. The habit of taking a warm bath can be wasteful. Particularly if you use gas or electrical heating units.

There is an option for this, which you can see in some luxury houses. If you observe, the roofings of some high-end houses are installed with a special type of panel with dark glass. Those are solar panels.

Solar panels are an innovation that is able to convert energy from the sun into particular energy. Some utilize it as electrical energy, but there are likewise solar panels that only function as water heaters.

This is a rewarding investment for you due to the fact that you can delight in comfy warm water without hesitating to think of gas or electrical energy being compromised for that comfort. Solar panels likewise have some difficulties of their own.

How does the solar water heater system work, then what are the benefits and shortcomings?

Systems and Technical on Solar Water Heater

The solar water heater or pemanas air tenaga surya terbaik is carried out by making use of solar panels, or what is frequently described as a collector. This collector is mounted on the roof of the house, or other parts that can receive direct sunlight for hours. This collector soaks up the heat, shops it, and utilizes it to heat water.

In solar water heaters, this procedure of heating water occurs in a section called a cylinder or tube. In addition to heating, its function is likewise to keep hot water which can then be flowed into the warm water pipeline, to the bathtub, or to the shower.

Distinct to the maker itself, the solar hot water heater has warm water storage. Its function resembles a warm water thermos, which is able to keep the water hot for hours. There is likewise a collector panel that operates to store heat and heat the water if the water is already available.

Naturally, hot water can not be delivered to the faucet in your home. You don’t always desire hot water. For this reason, there is also a storage tank, namely hot water storage media. By default, the hot water temperature level in the storage tank has a temperature level of around 60 ˚ C. When a cold water supply gets here, this warm water is then sent out outside, to the faucet in your house.

Viewed from the perspective of how it works, the solar water heating unit is divided into 2, specifically:

  1. Passive system solar water heater
  2. Active system solar water heater

Passive solar water heater

The 100% passive type of solar hot water heater only utilizes sunlight as the power to heat water. There is no alternative energy in heating water besides by using solar power. That is, if it is cloudy or drizzling continually, you can not delight in warm water from the panel.

The passive type hot water heater consists of 2 primary components, specifically a heat sink panel and a storage tank, which are connected to each other by two pipes. On the collector panel, there is a glass cover that records heat from the sun’s rays. While in the tank, its function is to accommodate warm water and keep its temperature level so that it can be used when the sun is not there.

In Indonesia, sunshine is relatively abundant, so it is extremely ideal to utilize solar water heaters. What if it’s the rainy season when the sun’s rays are not as intense as normal? This is where you can choose to use an active solar water heater.

Active solar hot water heater

Similar to passive solar water heater, active solar water heaters use solar power. However, this water heater is likewise geared up with an electric system or a gas system, so if the sunlight is lacking, you can still use electrical power or gas as a backup heater.

In addition, the distribution of hot water and cold water still needs pumping, so it still requires electrical power. Active system solar water heating unit are normally used for massive hot water needs such as in hotels or healthcare facilities. That’s why this system requires complicated supporting components.

The advantages and drawbacks of using a solar water heating system

You currently understand the types and how the solar water heating unit works. So, what else is the factor to consider for utilizing this system?

In fact, there are lots of benefits that a solar hot water heater offers.

  1. Initially, you can delight in hot water without thinking of breaking your pocket. This is due to the fact that water heating is done by complimentary and plentiful solar energy. Compare it to gas or electrical heating.

  2. In addition, you likewise end up being more energy effective. By using solar energy, it suggests that you have used renewable resources so that it is more environmentally friendly and does not trigger emissions.

  3. Solar water heaters can likewise be thought about as a financial investment. If you mean to offer your house, writing a solar hot water heater as one of the facilities will make your home among the targeted properties.

On the other hand, the main drawback of installing this solar water heater is the upfront cost. The level of setup is likewise dangerous, so it is advised to utilize expert setup services to get the best results.

A few of the other disadvantages of setting up a solar water heating unit are:

  1. Reliance on the sun. This heater is very reliable for locations that are exposed to a great deal of sun and heat. If you live in a cold area, this water heater may not perform at its best.

  2. Compatibility with your home. The position of the house that is too close together, covered by tall buildings, and the roof is not strong enough may not be able to utilize this heating unit. Not to mention if the location where you live is prone to earthquakes. It is likely that installing a heater like this brings danger.

These are some considerations in setting up a solar hot water heater in your home. If you have an interest in installing it in your house, you can use the services of a roofing system or ceiling installation. Service providers enjoy to assist.