Painting by Numbers - Use a Kit to Make it Easier

Painting by Numbers

Paint by numbers are self-adhesive paint kits with a plastic board on which to paint, each space in the kit has a number and therefore a corresponding numbered paint for use in that space. The kits usually come with small compartmentalised cardboard boxes in which the corresponding numbered paint colours are stored. When the pinstripes or other ‘gluestones’ are applied, they are attracted to the colour in the box and are stuck onto the board. Many of these are suitable for use on smooth surfaces too.

A kit will normally contain a small range of colour options, from which you can choose your colours. The number of colours in a range is usually limited, but you can increase the number of colours if you wish. Some of the advanced kits have several additional layers of acrylic medium and so allow you to paint more extensively on the surface of the canvas. At an intermediate level the greatest challenge will be in creating a variety of effects using relatively few numbers.

The numbers used in these kits are very simple, being arranged in a grid on the back of the card. Each point on the grid corresponds to a particular painting, and you can move quickly around this to find a good finish for your project. For smaller projects, such as portraits and so forth, it is possible to just use a large majority of the numbers in the kit and mix and match the colors.

The mypaintlab system allows you to get the best results from your paints and brushes, so is ideal for anyone who does a lot of painting. MyPaintlab is also useful for all those hobbyists who like to collect various paints and accessories to create different effects, sometimes within a single painting. In this case you can collect the paints you like and then mix them to create new and exciting color combinations. Once you have painted on the background layer, which is the base of the picture, then you can go back over your work using the paint brushes to add details and blend the colors to produce a finished product.

For the ambitious hobbyist or professional who wants to try something a little more ambitious, paintbrush is the answer. This kit comes with a pre-drilled grid of numbers which can be used to create any sort of scene or image you want. It also comes with two paint brushes and a palette which you can add water to. With the pre-drilled grid of numbers you simply choose a painting to place on the grid, then select the appropriate number of brush strokes to create the effect you want. After that all you have to do is apply the paint to your canvas and you can finish off your work by adding water.

Paint by numbers kits are a great way of learning the basics of painting. They are inexpensive, however if you want a complex painting you may have to spend a little more money. They are relatively easy to use even for an amateur, and they are especially useful if you decide to go a step further and learn from the professional painters. You will be able to experiment and learn much more about applying different techniques and colours on your canvas when you start learning how to paint by numbers.

Painting by numbers is also a great way to ease into mediums like acrylic and oil paint. These types of paints are very different from watercolors, which is why most beginners tend to start with these two mediums. When starting with painting by numbers, it is always better to start with something small and simple. You can always start experimenting with paintbrushes and later on move on to the bigger brushes. And while it may take you longer to transition to oil paint than it does to go from using acrylic, it is worth the time investment because these types of paints are much harder to get wrong.

One of the best things about paint by numbers for kids is that it allows you to work on a much smaller scale than what you would normally be able to work on. While it can be challenging to learn how to paint by numbers because of the smaller sizes of the colors you need to work with, once you get used to it you will find that it is a lot of fun. The best part is that these types of kits are usually designed so that it is easier and more fun to use. You do not have to worry about difficult brush placement techniques because all you need to do is apply the colors to the canvas in the same way. It does not get much simpler than that!