The Most Affectionate Medium Sized Dogs One can have as an ESA

If you have been through severe emotional pain, which has made you lose sight of the purpose of life, then you need an ESA by your side. An Emotional Support Animal (ESA) is an animal that can be assigned by a licensed professional for the betterment of mental health. These adorable pets are known to help manage depression, anxiety, and even post-traumatic stress in people who have these mental illnesses. The companionship of pets gives you a purpose in life, helping you recover from your condition.

Why get an ESA?

You’re probably thinking that the adoption process of an ESA will take months and that buying a regular pet seems like a better option. First of all, an esa letter can reach your home in a matter of days. Online options are also available, whereby a licensed professional may diagnose you, and draft the letter if you are a suitable candidate. Secondly, an ESA can legally accompany you anywhere unlike a regular pet. 

What animal should you get?

 Dogs are known to show a greater level of affection and love compared to other ESAs. Handling very large or very small dogs can be troublesome, so the ideal companions are medium-sized dogs. They are adorable like smaller dogs and fun-loving like larger dogs. Some dog breeds that fall under this category are mentioned below.

Best medium-sized ESA dogs

It is unfair to compare one dog having an esa letter for housing with another therefore some dog breeds and their brief details have been mentioned:

  1. Golden Retriever:

This breed is commonly used as ESAs because of their loving nature. They will get attached to you almost immediately. Golden Retrievers are also well known for their athletic nature thus, they must be regularly exercised, walked, and provided with a sufficient amount of food. If you are not the type of person willing to take your dog on regular walks or might find it financially difficult to provide the amount of food they require, then, unfortunately, this is not the dog for you. But don’t worry, keep reading.

  1. Welsh Corgi:

This breed is relatively smaller in size but comes under the medium-size category that can easily avail an emotional support animal letter. They are famous for their obedience; therefore, they require a lot of attention.  Their food requirement is lower than Labradors or dogs of relatively larger size. They are ideal companions because they rarely leave you alone, love cuddling, and don’t make much noise.

  1. Labrador Retriever:

This particular breed is known for its love of food, which is beneficial from an ESA perspective because it is easier to train them.  Labradors are one of the most common house pets and are known to be gentle with children and adults. If you live with your family, this breed is highly recommended.


  1. Poodle:

If you mix beauty and brains equally, you’ll get the poodle breed that can easily avail an esa letter online. If you take proper care of them, they are very loyal. Due to their high intelligence, you can easily train them to perform tricks. This high intellect enables them to be the best out-door companions. If you want a beautiful, intelligent, obedient, and well-mannered dog, this breed is highly recommended.  

Apart from the Golden retriever, these dog breeds are low-maintenance. Taking care of them inside the house will take some getting used to but won’t seem like a problem. With the advent of DIY videos, you can provide facilities such as a DIY dog house or DIY toys. These facilities can be crafted easily without any financial burden and will play a role in the betterment of your mental health.


Medium-sized dogs are the perfect emotional support companions. Depression, anxiety, and mental stress are nothing to be ashamed of. Your brain, like other organs, needs treatment too. If you have mental health problems then get a dog ahving an emotional support dog letter or immediately contact a professional. You can also ask them to appoint you an ESA so that you may begin the journey of self-recovery.  



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