How to choose the best North Vancouver House Painters?

North Vancouver Painting Service

A fresh paint job can transform the appearance of your house. Having your house painted by a professional can make it look like you got a new house overnight. A well-done paint job not only beautifies your home but also improves it. Painting can help to protect your home from harsh weather, such as extreme dust, and it also reduces indoor air pollution. A good paint job can last as long as 20 years whereas a poor paint job may only last up to 3 years given the rainy weather conditions of Vancouver. That’s why it’s important to choose an experienced painter to carry out your painting project. Paint3 Once you have chosen a color palette, you can hire an expert team of painters to paint the interior or exterior parts of your home or the full house. In this cost guide, you will learn how to choose an expert painter in North Vancouver.

Before You Hire Potential Painters

  1. Discuss Supplies and Tools

To complete any paint project you will need many tools and supplies besides paint and primer. Tools such as paint rollers, paint roller extension poles, drop cloths, paint brushes, sandpaper, paint tray, putti knife, and painters’ tape are easily available for purchase at many online and local stores in Vancouver. Having the wrong tools can result in an unsuccessful paint job. Instead of spending your time researching these tools, we recommend you hire a painter who already has all of the tools needed.

When you talk to a painter, make sure you discuss the detail of any specific tools and supplies you might require for your project. Ask for a cost estimate for any such special tools and supplies.

  1. Understand Their Damage Repair Policy

If not done carefully, a paint job can cause damage to your walls, ceiling, furniture, and landscape. It can happen due to accidental paint spills or falling off the equipment used such as a ladder. Many painting contractors in Vancouver offer damage repair services.

Before hiring any painter, confirm if they have a damage repair policy. If they do, make sure you get a copy of the policy at the beginning of the project.

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