Plume and the IndieWeb

Bridging the Fediverse and the IndieWeb

Thanks to fdb-hiroshima, microformat support was recently added to Plume. This includes h-cards for profiles, h-entrys for articles, and h-feeds for blogs. The h-feed support is especially exciting, because it means that IndieWeb users can follow a Plume user or blog. I've already verified that Microsub servers, like Aperture, can subscribe to a Plume blog. This post will be my first test of how well new entries are fetched.

IndieWeb users should see the Bridging section of the ActivityPub article on the IndieWeb wiki for information on bridging notifications across networks. I plan on proposing webmention support to the Plume team, though I expect it to be low priority. Webmention support would mean Plume users/blogs have more reach/discoverability and can interact with more users, but is outside the scope of an ActivityPub project. Additionally, it adds complexity since IndieWeb content sent to a Plume user wouldn't federate and so may need to be displayed separately.

This is a great step toward bridging ActivityPub services and the IndieWeb and a huge win for the open web! Thanks again to fdb-hiroshima and BaptisteGelez for their work on this project.