Fed up with non-Fediverse

Feelings of a refugee from non-Fediverse's tyranny

A statue of Adiyogi in his meditative state.


I am Abhisheka. This is the prologue of possibly a new but better way to share my weblog to internet of human beings in the other side of the screen.

The Sufferings

Human subconscious is terrible as a master of our life. On the flip side only Human conscious maybe is not enough to complete the system.

I don’t know this. What I know is letting myself to be enslaved to something inside me has proved to be not producing the results needed for survival and to be in ease.

Tyranny of non-Fediverse

This above exact enslavement technique of one by oneself’s default interior design or fallback mechanism, is utilised by non-Fediverse and the corporates controlling it.

This is very cruel and directly harming a person without getting caught easily. A person alone cannot beat these enslavement-focused corporations. Fediverse, the concept and the hard work to change the intentionally broken system has been a relief to my conscious life.

If they can control our thought process, they are literally leading the whole economy and are controlling the Environment as well using the enslaved human behaviour as weapon or tool.

Individual’s Responsibility

Internet being a way to exchange information affect many things in a day of modern human beings. What a person does or does not, depends on the knowledge that person has. In modern days, Internet is the most easiest way to access knowledge so we tend to go there. But many profit-seeking corporations tend to manipulate our thoughts by sutble encouragement tactics or their algorithms present us the sensational CTR based attractive content to keep us engaged.

I understand that it is on the person to consume the content provided by such algorithms and companies, which is very right.

I also understand that it is on the person to choose the environment to live in.

For people like me, who get easily influenced, call it a mistake or disability, the environment we live in matters.

Gratitude towards Fediverse

Fediverse tends to break the patterns and habits which are toxic and not helpful. And replace them with conscious and better habits and practices, as it is based on community and not controlled by some giant algorithm nor by evil companies. Fediverse is the internet that is best as of now. More developments and ways to “internetwork” in social and technological sense may come in future. Looking forward to it.

Thankyou to everyone who made and are making Fediverse to exist and continue to thrive, respectively. This is one step forward to a Conscious Planet where we choose to be alive and human. Because it matters to me.

Since it’s my first weblog on Fediverse, here are some hyperlinks to my Fediverse handles. You can find me on:

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