Issues Regarding No Gun Policy In Execution In Battle Angel Alita

Pun Intended

While I get that what Yushito Kogiro wants to convey in #battleangelalita, is a society gone amuck, but the "no guns, or you're executed" is weirdly hypocritical.

Consider that most left leaning people that advocate such a policy, are not suggesting executing people that use guns in self-defence.

Most ones you'll want to associate with, only believe in capital punishment, only for #nuremburgtrail level human rights crimes. And generally only the most swift and humane of methods.

Using guns or buildings androids (the actual way Ishiguro does it) is not one of these war crimes.

Plus if Alita from #battleangelalita ever actually comes back to the scrapyard, there is a chance if she uses a gun again, she wont get bailed out again, sense Tiphares is basically no longer ruling the place.

Ironic mercy for a fascist institution.

What it suggest to me, is Yushito Kogira hasn't actually been taught what is actually #leftism, or #leftlibertarianism is, and just kind of assumes they want to execute anybody for any crime.

But far more likely, is that humanity in 500 years will no longer exist, if modern prediction of climate change is any indication. And that includes things like #right and #left #libertarianism not given a cursory look even.

Might move this blog to Plume later.

What the no gun policy ends up executing as, is essentially a right wing gun strawman about leftism.