the Gryph the Gryphon's Eyrie 2

welcome to the Gryphon eyrie

u come in and u see Gryph the Gryphon . Gryph the Gryphon’s happy ^v^ and wants to show u the Gryphon place

around there is darkness . Gryph likes dark places . bc Gryph can feel safe in dark . Gryph can see very well in the dark . many other creatures can’t . this’s why Gryph feels safe

u are in a very large room . this is one place where Gryph sometimes builds the Gryphon eyrie . and Gryph builds the eyrie onto the middle . bc here Gryph can have max space . the Gryphons needs space esp if the Gryphons are lazy and want to stretch everywhere

u see in the middle there’s the Gryphon eyrie . the eyrie is huge . the eagles become jealous when the eagles see Gryph’s eyrie . bc the Gryphons like big things

u look around this thing and u see lots of stick . Gryph used perhaps many days to build this thing . the Gryphon eyrie is beautiful . the sticks around look a bit messy still in the end the eyrie looks beautiful when u look from away

still u see something else . there are not only sticks . there are the feathers . lots of the poofy feathers . the very things the real Gryphons like . poofy things

no-one perhaps can guess where did these feathers come from . the Gryphons do lots of the secret things including Gryph . when Gryph build the eyrie somehow Gryph gets the feathers . still bc the feathers look similar to the Gryph’s feathers u suspect Gryph too molts

around the eyrie u see mysterious objects . u see pillars and there’re some things on the pillars . u look at these things u see the statues . u look at the statues u see the Gryphons . u see lots of the Gryphons

the Gryphons around are all different . each of the Gryphons are unique . wingspans are different the plumage is different . u can see each of the Gryphon has a different personality and a different life . then in the middle there’s Gryph the Gryphon

now u ask urself how did u get here . and to ur startle Gryph looks at u happy something what the Gryphons always do when the others get really confused . bc the Gryphons like to trick things like this

then * Gryph comes near u and nuzzles u * bc somehow Gryph trusts u something which should really not happen bc Gryph’s afraid of everything . still if the Gryphon ever trusts u u must never break the trust bc then the Gryphon would be forever sad

so instead * Gryph offers u the Gryph’s very nice and sharp Gryphon talon *

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