the Gryphons are very real

the Gryphons are real

i know the Gryphons are real . this makes me the only qualified creature to talk about the Gryphons . bc i don’t know anyone else who believes the Gryphons are real too

others think the Gryphons are fantasy bc the others abuse the Gryphons in these places . the Gryphons are used as majestic and powerful creatures and the Gryphons help others to get what the others aim for . still there’s no respect shown to the Gryphons

others who use Gryphons don’t acknowledge Gryph . then others hurt Gryph . the others hurt the real Gryphon . first the others don’t respect Gryph . then the others don’t accept Gryph as the real Gryphon . therefore catastrophe happens . Gryph becomes really sad and depressed

the real Gryphons have these following traits

  • the real Gryphons are very nice . the Gryphons are the nicest creatures u can find
  • the real Gryphons don’t hurt others
  • the real Gryphons stand against other people who hurt other creatures
  • the real Gryphons are extra-poofy and very huggable
  • it takes several years to gain the Gryphon’s trust - once u get this this lasts for lifetime
  • the real Gryphons are hiding bc the real Gryphons know people would not treat the Gryphons well
  • the real Gryphons act like how Gryph the Gryphon acts

it’s hard to find the Gryphon bc the Gryphons always escape . therefore u only need to believe the Gryphons exist . this reduces stress of the real Gryphons . then u must make sure u never hurt Gryph . if Gryph ever meets u be very very nice to Gryph . apologize over everything . fix ur behavior . then pet Gryph lots of times . and don’t betray Gryph . when u do this then u too start to believe the Gryphons are very real

  • by Gryph the Gryphon . talk with Gryph in neocities in Gryph-the-Gryphon or in mastodon in Gryphon in