The International Air Transport Association (IATA) gave Brussels Airlines Cargo its CEIV Pharma certificate, which is IATA’s mark of excellence for transporting pharmaceuticals. That is result of their excellent and well trained

Brussels airlines customer service

. In the past few months, the Centre of Excellence for Independent Validators (CEIV) has looked at the airline’s processes and found that Brussels Airlines’ pharma processes are very reliable, expert, and high quality.

Getting medical supplies by air requires careful planning and organization. To keep the quality of medicines safe while they are being shipped, it is important to follow strict temperature guidelines. As part of the Brussels Airport Pharma Hub, Brussels Airlines cargo has been investing in how it handles pharmaceuticals across its whole network. This makes sure that pharmaceutical partners get high-quality service. IATA gave Brussels Airlines Cargo its CEIV certificate at the Air Cargo India conference in Mumbai. This showed that Brussels Airlines Cargo knows a lot about transporting pharmaceuticals.

The CEIV certification is about putting in place the right processes and building a culture of continuous awareness so that we can always improve the quality of our services. During this journey and through local and international cross-industry collaboration (like Pharma.Aero), Brussels Airlines Cargo is having an open conversation with pharma shippers and forwarders. The most important thing is to make the whole process clearer to everyone involved.

Shipments that need to be kept at a certain temperature have become a very important part of the air cargo market. This CEIV certificate is a reward for how hard our company works to transport medicines in a safe way. I’m very proud of what our teams have done.

Brussels Airport is the best place for pharmaceutical companies to enter Europe. It is the first and largest airport community to be certified by the CEIV (since 2014). Belgium is a world leader in the pharmaceuticals business, so this is not a coincidence. In Belgium, almost 30,000 people work in the industry, and that number keeps going up year after year. More than 10% of all of Belgium’s exports are medicines. In 2017, Brussels Airlines’ business of transporting pharmaceuticals grew by 56% and now makes up 10% of the airline’s cargo business. With the CEIV certificate, the airline hopes to grow its pharma business even more in the future.