What will our holidays look like after the coronavirus pandemic?

The pandemic has hit us in every area of our lives. Not only has our work and social life been turned upside down, but even our leisure choices have been forced to change. Over the past year, much of the entertainment that was available to us has moved to the Internet, whether we like it or not. However, leisure time after work or perhaps a slower weekend is one thing, and vacation time is another. Last summer, the heavy breathing from the pandemic around our necks eased a bit, we thought things were back to normal. This year, however, we know more, and we won’t be able to walk the waterfront so quietly anymore. So which entertainment will we choose?

Going away or the safer option of staying home?

Have you dreamed of an island paradise, mountain climbing or a trip to a real foreign casino? If that was your dream before the pandemic, all you have left to look forward to is a trip to an online casino, the virtual equivalent of a land-based gambling establishment.

Vacation 2021 - what to plan for

Aside from traveling around the country, which is a much safer option than traveling abroad, there are actually a lot of things to plan for the summer season. Holidays under the pear can be varied, such as a course to develop new skills. As early as 2020, Poles often searched online for keywords such as yoga, calligraphy or even origami. After all, there are quite a few such hands-on activities that can be practiced even in confinement. Learning a new language or playing an instrument will certainly enrich not only our inner self, but also future vacations during which we can already travel. Exercise, martial arts and the development of motor coordination are another group of hobbies that can be useful to kill time this holiday. If you find something you really enjoy, a real passion can be born out of the “vacation idea”!