Why did RCMG choose Christopher Harrow as their Editor in Chief for one of their latest sites?

Little is known about the allusive media group. However, today they provide answers for why they chose famed aviator Christopher Harrow for their aviation site. 

In June 2019, RCMG announced that they'd be launching a new site. This site would be on the aviation sector, a topic none of their known sites had covered on before. As with many of their previous sites, they announced that they'd be employing someone well known within the industry, but who had no experience in the writing aspect of that industry. 

They announced that the site would be called International Aviation HQ and that they'd be employing former F-16 fighter pilot, turned 747 pilot, Christopher Harrow as their Editor in Chief. 

But why on earth would someone like to become the Editor in Chief when they are so successful already

I actually managed to find out via an email statement from Harrow himself! (Although he had a few stipulations surrounding the fact that I couldn't upload the email thread to the internet if I were to publish them).

In part, his email read: 

"I have been in love with aviation for just about my entire life! My dad was a pilot and my mom was an air hostess, so aviation was truly in my blood! I joined the air force, gaining my wings, and was chosen to fly the F-16. By the time I was Captain, I decided I would leave and venture into the commercial aviation sector."

"I worked for many great airlines, originally starting out on the 747 before I moved to another airline, and was forced to retrain on a different aircraft as the airline didn't operate a fleet of 747's. So I retrained to fly the 787 Dreamliner"

"Then, in June, RCMG reached out to me and offered me the position of Editor in Chief of their newest aviation site. I was genuinely interested. So I accepted the offer and here I am today!"

When I pressed him for more information, mainly pertaining to what motivated him, he replied:

"It was no singular reason!:

  • I wanted to do something different

  • The pay was better at RCMG

  • I have always read aviation-related content, so why not do it myself!

  • I had been contemplating starting my own site similar to that anyway!

  • All in all, it was a challenge, which is what is Love!"