Conditions To Perform Hajj

Hajj is a religious duty that every Muslim must fulfil at least once in his life. Hajj has a lot of benefits, and Allah SWT made it one of the five pillars of Islam because it is so important. Hajj is something that every adult must do once in their life if they are healthy and have enough money. There are some things we have to do before Hajj becomes a must for us, for all of humanity. If you are not able to perform the Hajj due to your financial issues you can avail the

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Conditions To Perform Hajj

The first and most important thing you need to do to fulfil this duty is to be a Muslim. Non-Muslims can’t make the compulsion happen. Non-Muslims are required to convert to Islam, worship Allah, and become part of the Muslim Ummah so they can do Hajj once in their lives. Hajj is a sacred duty that must be done with the right beliefs and a pure heart for Almighty Allah to accept it. Even though the main reason to go on Hajj is to clean yourself and ask for forgiveness, it’s best to get ready for this holy and important trip by forgiving others and being forgiven, settling any disagreements, and leaving happy with good intentions.

The second condition is to be sane. The Hajj can be done by anyone who is physically, mentally, and financially healthy, but because Islam is a religion of mercy and practicality, it has a lot of ways to make things easier for people. In the following Hadith, Holy Prophet PBUH is said to have said, “The pen is raised from the book of deeds of three: the sleeper until he wakes up, the child until he becomes a young man, and the insane until he regains his sanity.” This is the basis for the rule of non-compulsion. But if a person is physically unable to perform Hajj, someone else can do it for them. Those who help such people perform Hajj are paid for their work. When a woman asked the Holy Prophet (PBUH) if her child could go on Hajj, he told her that the child could, but that the reward would go to her. In the same way, children who do Hajj have to do it again when they are older and more mature.

Teenage years are the third condition. For a Muslim’s Hajj to be a requirement, he or she must have reached puberty and be of sound mind. People are given celestial rewards and punishments based on what they do and what they do wrong. Since someone who is insane can’t tell the difference between good and evil and can’t tell the difference between right and wrong, they have no religious duties. If a crazy person did Hajj while crazy, he has to do it again when he gets better. Our beloved Holy Prophet PBUH said, “Any child who does Hajj and then hits puberty must do it again.” This Hadith makes it clear that reaching puberty is an important part of being able to do Hajj. Even though a child’s heart and soul are pure, he doesn’t have the right knowledge and only knows about the small things that are needed for Hajj. This means that a child must do this ritual in order to stay sane.

The fourth condition is based on the fact that there are enough supplies and ways to get there. To explain this, Allah Almighty said, “And pilgrimage to the house is a duty on all people to Allah SWT for those who can get there.” In order to make Hajj, a Muslim needs to have enough money. If he can’t afford this holy trip, he should wait until the right time, but he can’t borrow money to do this holy task because Hajj is not required of him in this state. In the same way, if a person’s family is in debt or doesn’t have enough money to live on, it is suggested that he stay at home until he can support himself. Muslims with physical problems don’t have to go either, and they can pay someone else to do Hajj in their place. Hajj is a religious duty, but only for people who can afford it and are healthy enough to do it.

The fifth condition is that a woman cares about her mahram, which could also be part of the knack condition. Women aren’t required to go on Hajj without a mahram, and if they don’t have a mahram, they aren’t allowed to go on the holy journey at all. But this raises the question of how women without mahram will be able to do Hajj if they really want to. The problem can then be solved by letting women who don’t have mahrams do Hajj in groups with a number of other people. From fiqah to fiqah, there are different rules about how women without mahram can do Hajj. Some people think it’s okay to do Hajj in groups because it’s a sensitive situation, but others say it’s forbidden because if it’s forbidden in the religion, it should be strictly forbidden. Holy Prophet SAWW told women they couldn’t travel alone to a destination more than 24 hours away unless they were accompanied by a male relative they couldn’t marry (mahram). But the woman has to do it if she has the money and the mahram. Hazrat Ayesha RA asked Holy Prophet SAW, “O, Messenger of Allah, are women required to do Jihad (holy war)?” He SAW said, “They must do Hajj and Umrah, which are forms of Jihad that don’t involve fighting.”

The sixth and final thing you need to be able to do Hajj is to be free from slavery. As a slave is not financially stable and does not have all the necessary resources and conditions, such as a place to live and enough money, he is not allowed to make the sacred journey until he is free and independent. Also, he will also be sidetracked by the duties towards his master.