Conditions for the Performance of Hajj and Umrah

Hajj and Umrah, both are the greatest act of worship. Hajj is performed once a year and there are no time restrictions for Umrah. Unlike Hajj, Umrah can be undertaken anytime in the year except on the days of Dhul-Hijjah when Hajj is being performed. Muslims Perform umrah using different packages, bookings for

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Conditions of Umrah & Hajj

Some conditions need to be met to perform Umrah. These conditions are the same as those for performing Hajj.


Without any doubt, Religion is the first and foremost condition for Umrah. The fact is that no Non-Muslim can go beyond the holy boundaries of The Kaaba and the Prophet’s Mosque. The doors of the Kaaba are only opened for Muslims.


another condition to perform Umrah is you must be in a sound state of mind and in full control of your mental capabilities.

Financially stable:

The journey requires a good amount of Money. You must have enough resources and adequate expenses to cover travelling, accommodation and the rest of things in the course of Umrah. Also, your absence should not impact your family in terms of finance. They must have sufficient payments to meet the needs during your time off.

Physically able:

Another most important condition is the journey requires physical capabilities. You are going to perform a religious act which requires physical activity. You should be in a good state of health and free from any disease and ailment that might restrict you from taking part in Umrah.

Age for Umrah:

According to the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah in Saudi Arabia children can accompany their parents to perform prayers inside the Grand Mosque. The age to obtain umrah has been set to the minimum of “Five years old”. Umrah can be undertaken by kids above 5 years.

Age for Hajj:

Hajj is a mandatory act of worship which is also a fundamental pillar of the foundation of Islam. Hajj is valid until you hit puberty. Hajj is more laborious than Umrah and it requires a lot of physical activity. According to the new series of entry restrictions, Hajj Pilgrims have to be less than 65 years old and fully vaccinated against COVID-19.


Islam pays due attention to human rights. If a person is heavily indebted and his debts are past due, then he should not make his way for Hajj. He must make arrangements for debts to be fulfilled before he leaves for Hajj or Umrah.

Unrestricted from Iddah period:

Widow or divorced women are required to complete Iddat (Iddah) period before performing Umrah and Hajj

The necessity of Male Guardian:

According to the new conditions women above the age of 45 are now allowed to travel without Mahram (Male Guardian) but they must accompany a group. Adult women under the age of 45 must accompany their Mahram (Father, brother, Husband) to perform Umrah or Hajj.