Descendants of Adam (AS)

Islam doesn’t agree with the Christian idea of “original sin,” which says that everyone is born a sinner because of what Adam did. In the Holy Quran, God says, “And no one’s burdens shall be carried by another.” (Quran 35:18)

You can remove your sins by performing Hajj. But if you are not able to perform Hajj then you can perform Umrah by booking Cheap Umrah package London from Islamic Travel. Every person is responsible for what he or she does and is born pure and without sin. Adam (AS) and Eve (Mother Hawwa) did something wrong, they felt bad about it, and God, in His infinite wisdom, let them off the hook.

“Then they both ate from that tree, and their private parts showed up. So they started sticking Paradise leaves on themselves to cover themselves. Adam did not listen to his Lord in this way, so he went astray. Then his Lord chose him, forgave him, and showed him the right way. (Quran 20:121-122). This was the beginning of Islam, and Prophet Muhammad brought with him the five pillars of Islam and Umrah Packages from London, United Kingdom (PBUH).

This was a hard lesson that showed how free will works. Adam (AS) and Eve (Mother Hawwa) were going to live on earth, so they needed to know about Satan’s (Iblis) plans and tricks. They also needed to know how bad sin is and how much God loves and forgives them. God knew that Adam (AS) and Eve (the mother Hawwa) would eat from the tree that they weren’t supposed to. Allah knew that Satan would make them lose their purity. It’s important to know that God doesn’t force things to happen, even though he knows how things will turn out before they happen and lets them happen. Adam (AS) had free will and had to deal with the results. There are a lot of stories about where Prophet Adam (AS) and Eve (The Mother Hawwa) came from, but none of them come from the Holy Quran or Sunnah. Back then, people did not do Islamic Travel low price 3-star Cheap Umrah Packages 2023 with group from London with hotel and flight. Because Allah didn’t tell them to build their home here.