Hajj and Umrah! A source of forgiveness

Hajj is one of the five major pillars of Islam, it is the only basic institution that has its minor form too. Umrah is known as the minor pilgrimage. Hazrat Muhammad SAW said, when Muslims perform Hajj sincerely then they return from Hajj as pure as free from the sins of the day on which their mother gave birth to them. According to Hazrat Muhammad SAW the performer of Hajj and Umrah are representatives of Allah, if they call Him, He answers them if they seek His forgiveness, He forgives them. Every year millions of Muslims perform Umrah with

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. Muslims from all over the world gathered in Makkah and refresh their faith that we are equal, irrespective of geographical or cultural origin. Thus the Muslims of the world unite for pilgrimage. Hajj and Umrah are the Jihad for women, young children, and weak and old people.

Source of forgiveness:

According to Hazrat Umar bin Abasa (RA) the Holy Prophet said: If someone performs the two actions in the same way, these actions are the most virtuous, these are accepted Hajj and accepted Umrah. On another occasion He said, the reward of accepted Hajj is no less than Paradise. As human being we make many mistakes either intentionally or completely unintentionally. The true believer at some point in their life feels regret and ask for divine forgiveness.

Hajj as a source of forgiveness:

Hajj means, to intend to the visit, an important and honorable place. It also means to make a pilgrimage to Makkah and the surrounding area in the eleventh month of the Islamic calendar” Zil-Hijj”. It is a very important source of forgiveness in Islam. It is a life-changing experience. Before going on hajj every Muslim ask forgiveness from their relatives and fellows. Hajj is a great social and spiritual activity that enhances tolerance, unity, and forgiveness. Abu Huraira reported: the Messenger of Allah said, Allah forgive the pilgrims and those for whom the pilgrims seek forgiveness. Most of the Muslims in the Asia are comparatively financially not too much stable as compare to the other countries. That’s why they try to book the packages of

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, because these are quite cheaper as compare to the other months of the year.

Umrah as a source of forgiveness:

Umrah is also a source of forgiveness. It is a chance to seek forgiveness for mortal sins, it can also cleanse the souls. Umrah has tremendous rewards, but it requires Muslims to leave their comfortable life behind and give their complete time to the worship of Allah.

God’s Forgiveness:

Allah is the core source of forgiveness and He is the ultimate authority who can forgive. He forgives sins against him and promises to forgive those who seek his forgiveness. There are three names that refer to Allah’s forgiveness Al-Ghaffor, and Al-Raheem, Al-Rahman. It is stated in Quran that Allah has the ultimate power of reward and punishment. He has full liberty to forgive and punish. His mercy and love are limitless and He loves to forgive.

Humans Forgiveness:

Islam encourages Muslims to forgive others. It is like humans to make mistakes, but the best of them are those who realize their mistake or ask for forgiveness. If anyone wants to get forgiveness he should know how to forgive others.

Conditions to receive forgiveness:

There are some conditions mentioned in Hadith, if these conditions are fulfilled Allah will surely forgive our sins.

There are three basic conditions to ask forgiveness if the sin is committed against Allah.

• Realize the sin and its confession in front of Allah.

• The promise not to go over the sin.

• Request for forgiveness from Allah.

If the sin is against a human beings or society, an additional condition is required.

• Correct wrongdoing and forgiveness from the affronted group.