How a daily routine according to Islam can help you become a better Muslim?

How to be a good member of society is something we learn about in Islam. To advance as a civilization, it stresses the need of maintaining a high level of civility and culture. The Holy Quran regularly gives advice on how to live a fruitful life. Using

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, many Muslims will go to Saudi Arabia this year to take part in the annual Hajj and Umrah. Daily activities like working, going to the store, and catching up with friends and family may be used to further our life’ greater goals if we approach them with the correct attitude. Rather than trying to shoehorn Islam into our professional, domestic, and social lives, we should endeavour to ensure that Islam is already an integral part of each.


What better way to remember those we care about at the beginning and conclusion of each day than with a prayer? We begin each day with Fajr and end it with salah. As the saying goes, “whoever retires for the night in a state of purity, an angel will live with him in his bed,” making this a perfect time to do wudu before bed and have an angel come to you and beg for forgiveness.


The simple act of reciting Ayat-ul-kursi in the morning and evening, pleading for Allah’s protection, is an example of dua (supplication). Many events provide ideal opportunities for us to make dua (supplication) for ourselves and others.

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offer this unique opportunity for believers to pray for everyone while performing Hajj/Umrah.


Together, dhikr and du’a form an integral part of Islamic practise. You may easily include dhikr into your day, whether on the way to or from work, at breaks, or even while you’re relaxing at home. Surah Al-A’raf wonderfully instructs us to listen to the Qur’an when it is recited and pay regard to it in order to earn mercy, thus even something as easy as listening to it on the way to the grocery store may prove to be fruitful.


Following the Sunnah’s recommendations to regularly use miswak, honey, and black seeds, as well as to keep our fingernails and toenails trimmed, is not only a good idea when it comes to our physical well-being, but it is also a rewarding one, as it provides a path to spiritual cleanliness. This is because keeping our fingernails and toenails trimmed helps prevent ingrown fingernails and toenail infections.

Family and friends: To follow Islam moderately, spending time with people to whom one owes time is a noble deed in and of itself. Because we aren’t expected to pray or fast constantly.


Charity refers to regular donations to good causes. We have the luxury of picking and choosing the causes we care about; maybe you’d want to give the gift of knowledge. A chance to worship at a masjid? An orphan? If we give to charity, we help ourselves first and foremost.

Planning one’s day is essential practice for developing one’s character as a Muslim. Maintain contentment with the job you’re performing and the timeframe in which you complete the tasks. Remember to say the five daily prayers at their designated times. To Allah (SWT) be the praise and thanks for all the sanctifications he has bestowed upon you.