How many Umrah can you do in a day?

It is permissible to do more than one Umrah a day as it is a source of Allah’s Blessings, but the starting point of second one should be somewhere outside the Haram area.


guide all the pilgrims about this matter to avoid any problem.

Prophet (PBUH) and his righteous companions never did Umrah twice on the same journey. He (PBUH) performed four Umrahs but each in a separate visit to Makkah, that’s why some Scholars recommend and guide people not to perform second Umrah till hair regrows.

Now there’s a tradition that people who go on a journey to perform Umrah, they first did their umrah and then perform on the behalf of their late mother or father.

Umrah has series of events Tawaaf, sa’ee and Taqseer. Circuling around the sacred place of Kaaba in a purified dress (ihram) and raising voices with Allah’s name this is a wonderful practice that can be done repeatedly to gain Blessings of Allah Almighty and this practice refrain to do evil deeds. So, if a pilgrim wants to remain under the shade of Allah Blessings, he can perform Umrah more than once. There are several steps to be performed in a sequence to complete the rituals of Umrah.

● Tawaaf is taking rounds or encircling the Kaaba in anticlockwise direction. While having Tawaaf, person have to say Talbiyah loud. Tawaaf is done in an attire called Ihram and it is a common ritual which takes variable time depending on weather and time of the day it is done. It takes 15 to 20 minutes for a healthy person to encircle around kaaba. But for old age person it may vary. Also, during the days of Hajj, it is crowded so it may take 40 minutes to upon an hour to complete it. After it is done people move for Sa’ee.

● Sa’ee is an integral rite and ritual of Umrah. It is walking between two of small hills. These Hills are called Safa and Marva. Every pilgrim has to walk or just a slow run between these two hills. During this time person have to say Talbiyah out loud. It takes same time of about half an hour or less to complete this ritual.

● Taqseer is the third and important step. It is minor trimming of hairs for woman and for man it is clean shave of head. For man it is called Halq and it doesn’t take so long. These important steps followed by Nafal complete an umrah and takes all about 2 to 3 hours for one umrah. So, in a day at-least 2 Umrah can be performed if a man is of good physical and mental health.

Holy prophet SAWW has only performed one Umrah on one journey so many scholars advise to have one Umrah on one journey and to have next Umrah untill your new hair grow a little. But latter advise to have multiple of Umrah as to get the blessings of Allah Almighty. For doing multiple Umrah you can start Umrah again outside Masjid Al Haram from Taneem. For doing Umrah there is certain time of the day when it is best. After Fajar prayer there is a good weather and a plenty of time till sunrise so Tawaaf and Sa’ee can be performed easily at that time of the day. And for the next Umrah time should be selected from Maghrib to isha and after isha tol. So, it can be performed at any-time of the day but should be done at optimum time to utilise the best of our body’s energy.

Umrah is a pilgrimage of courage and patience. So, if one follow strictly the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) so it should be done once on every journey. But for more gain of blessings there is no restrictions on person. There is also best time of the year when Umrah can be done and it is March and October months if the year. These are the months when weather in Saudi Arabia is well and good. Pilgrims always try to avail more and more blessings if having good health to seek forgiveness and to thank Allah Almighty for His kindness and blessing.