How to apply for Umrah visa UK?

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Muslims can do Umrah at any time of the year. It is a holy minor pilgrimage. Muslims from the UK can go to Saudi Arabia to do Umrah, but they need to get an Umrah visa from the UK first. The Saudi government has changed its rules about Umrah visas. This policy for getting an Umrah visa is quick and easy. With this new Umrah visa policy, the Saudi government has stopped charging pilgrims 2000 SAR if they want to do Umrah twice a year. They changed the visa fee, and now it’s more than £175. There are many Umrah packages, and every year, thousands of UK pilgrims go on the minor pilgrimage with one of their cheap Umrah packages. To go to Saudi Arabia and do Umrah, people from the UK also need a visa. Muslims from the UK can also do Umrah on a tourist visa, but they need a different visa to do Hajj.

What is an Umrah visa? An Umrah visa is a travel document. The Saudi Arabian government makes it. With this paper, they let the pilgrims into the country so they can do the Umrah. Umrah visas for the UK in 2023 start at least at £115. UK citizens can also apply for an Umrah visa online by booking a package through one of the approved travel agencies.

Types of Saudi visas for UK residents:
• Tourist visa: This is a document that gives foreigners permission to go to Saudi Arabia for non-religious or non-essential reasons. With an eVisa, people can stay in the country for up to 90 days. On e-visa, Muslim tourists can also study and do things like Umrah. A tourist visa is for people who are at least 18 years old, and it is good for one year.

• Business visa: If you live in the UK and want to go to Saudi Arabia for business, you can also apply for a business visa.

• Religious visa: Muslims from the UK can get a religious visa to do Umrah or Hajj or to visit Makkah and Madinah, which are considered holy cities.

• Transit visa: This visa can also be used for short stays, such as a 12-hour stay. It can be used by people from any country.

How to apply for Umrah visa UK? Muslims from the UK can do an Umrah with any kind of visa to Saudi Arabia. Muslims can perform an Umrah through Umrah visa and Saudi e-visa.

Requirements for Umrah Visa: For an Umrah visa, you need the following things.

• A fully filled out application form. Muslims from the UK can get this form from the Saudi consulate closest to them, or they can get help from a certified travel agent.

• A recent colour photo the size of a passport: To apply for an Umrah visa in the UK, you need one colour photo the size of a passport with a white background.

• A valid passport: You must have a passport.

• A confirmed, non-refundable plane ticket: You must have a plane ticket within two weeks of your entry date.

• Valid residency permit: You should send in a valid residency permit.

• Vaccination certificate: It must be issued 10 days before entering the country. The pilgrim must bring it with him or her into Saudi Arabia.

Requirements for Umrah e-visa: It talks about things to do with tourism and Umrah. For an e-visa, you need the following:

  1. An online application form for an Umrah visa that has been filled out.

  2. A credit card

  3. A valid email address

  4. A recent photo the size of a passport

  5. A valid passport

How to apply for Umrah visa online?

The Saudi government has given people who want to do Umrah new electronic devices that let them get Umrah visas in less than 24 hours. If you have purchased the Umrah VISA then you have to book December Umrah Packages as soon as you can because Umrah VISA has some specific expiry date. Now, people from all over the world can use the Maqam platform to apply for an Umrah visa. They will get a reference number for their application, and then they will log in to the national visa plate form. There, they can fill out their visas and print them. The Saudi government has changed the visa so that it can be used for three months instead of just one.