Must Visit Places When going for Umrah Trip

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, which include flights. Umrah is a religious and spiritual act that is very important to Muslims all over the world. Every year, millions of Muslim pilgrims do Umrah with faith and trust in their hearts. During Umrah, a spiritual trip, it would be great if you had time to see some of the holy and important places in Makkah and Madinah. If you have time, you could visit some of the most beautiful tourist spots in the city. They are quiet, holy, and in Makkah and Madinah, the two most important cities in Islam.

1. The best places to visit during Umrah in Makkah

There are a number of places to see in Makkah and Madinah that are worth your time. Here are the most interesting places to visit out of many.

• Al-Haram Masjid

The Kaaba is inside the Great Mosque of Makkah, which is also called Masjid-Al Haram. Muslims pray to Allah in front of the holy Kaaba in the middle of the mosque. This makes it one of the most important places to see during Umrah. In fact, this is where people start their holy Umrah trip. A necessary part of Umrah is walking around the Kaaba, which is one of the most spiritual things to do.

• Al-Nour Mountain (Jabal al-Nour)

The cave of Gar-e-Hira is on Jabal al-Nour, which is also called the Hill of Illumination or the Mountain of Light. According to Islam, this is where the angel Jibril first showed Prophet Muhammad the divine words of Allah. Because of this, Hira Cave is one of the most important places to visit on the Umrah.

• Arafat Mountain

Mount Arafat, which is also called Jabal ar-Rahmah or Jabal Arafat, is where a huge number of Muslims gather during the Hajj pilgrimage. Pilgrims come to this place to worship Allah and do other ceremonies.

Masjid-e-Aisha is also called Masjid-e-Taneem. It is the second largest mosque in Makkah and one of the oldest buildings in the city. Umrah pilgrims must visit it. It is near the sacred Kaaba. Here, pilgrims can learn more about the holy state of Ihram.

Hajj pilgrims can stay in tents with air conditioning in the city of Mina, which is often called the “City of Tents.” It’s not far from Masjid-al-Haram. So, it’s easy to go there during the Umrah trip.

2. The most holy places to visit in Madinah during the Umrah

• Al-Masjid an-Nabawi

The Al-Masjid an-Nabawi mosque is one of the holiest places to visit after the Umrah pilgrimage. It is in the holy city of Madinah. Islamic tradition says that this is where Prophet Muhammad died and was buried. It is one of the world’s largest mosques, and each year, millions of pilgrims visit. During Umrah, one of the most beautiful things to do is pray in this old mosque.

• Masjid-al-Quba

The Quba Mosque on the edge of Madinah is thought to be the first mosque in Islamic history. This mosque, which gets a lot of visitors all year long, is one of the most important Umrah places. During the holy month of Ramadan, there are a lot of people at this mosque, which is also the second-largest in the holy city.

• The Museum of Dar Al-Madinah

It is the most important museum in Madinah. It has amazing artefacts and archaeological collections that tell the story of the city. At this wonderful museum, people can find out about the rich culture of Islam.