Words are symbols

It is a sign of wisdom for me not to take words too seriously. Knowing that they are just an attempt to depict the world. It is impossible to experience the essence of something through a word. One of the main characteristics of our time is to get lost in words, to give them such importance that the real, wordless experience often has no place. Nobody who lives that way has the feeling of a fulfilled life.

The wiser a person is, the more difficult it is to attack them with words. Let's imagine how we stand in front of the Buddha and start insulting him: "You fat pig!" ... "Ugly grinface!" ... Would that make him feel attacked and angry? Or would he even start insulting us back? Of course not, he would laugh at the insults and try to help us train our own mind.

Anyone who has understood that the world is always only the mirror of the mind knows that you can only work on yourself. And someone who wants to work on themselves, I would advise never to take words for absolute truths, to always check them in your own experience: “So someone insulted me as an idiot, is it true that I'm an idiot? No? So where is the Problem? Yes? Why do I think I'm an idiot?”

And that way you start to learn one of the most important lessons: We all believe deep down that we are absolutely disgusting. So deep within us that very few have experienced this disgust simply because there is a huge fear of it. And so we much prefer to see that we are only wonderful, while the others are hideous, but I am not. Any comment from others that hurts you does so because you remember how hideous you think you are. And changing that belief, who you think you are, is the meaning of life. This is what you are most afraid of, but also what is your greatest desire.

Have lots of fun with it :)