A place for role-player

It's just a try and I hope, that it's gonna be at least a little something.

OK, since I don't switch off Rocket.Chat now after all, I decided to set it up as a place for role-players as well. I haven't found a place, where all role-players can meet to chat, outside of Discord. You can find the room #roleplayer on chat.bka.li. Feel free to join!

#RocketChat instead of #Discord? Yes. As of the TOS of Discord, it's not privacy friendly and it takes all rights of you text, images, voice messages and so on. I'm since 3 years with artists around the world. They do really awesome art and I don't want that a big company is allowed to use others art to make money with it. It's that simple. I host Rocket.Chat on my own server and my terms of service and privacy policy, English translation coming soon, let it be known that you own the rights to your texts, pictures. to your texts, pictures, ... and no one else!

You don't need to register a new account, when you already have an account at one of the following service:

  • Twitter
  • Google
  • GitLab.com
  • GitHub
  • BKA.li GitLab

Maybe it gets a place for artists too? A place to inspire each other, no matter if you're a writer, drawer, sketcher, 3d artist or a fan.

I look forward to good discussions.

Feel free to join at https://chat.bka.li/channel/roleplayer #roleplayer