The Great X/10 Rating Chart

  1. If This was a rating of how bad something is, this would be a 10. Think of The Star Wars Holiday Special.

  2. Awful. It has some elements which may appeal to someone with some very unique traits. Think of Windows Vista.

  3. Bad. I don't like it though some do. Think of black licorice.

  4. It's not bad, but could certainly be better. Think of how well the original Pokemon games where programmed.

  5. Nothing special, yet somehow subpar. Think of unsalted regular potato chips.

  6. Nothing special. Not bad. Good enough. Think of water.

  7. Nothing special, pretty alright. Think of salted potato chips.

  8. It's not totally wonderful, but it's definitely something. Think of dill pickle potato chips.

  9. Wonderful. This really appeals to me though some may not like it. Think of Skyrim.

  10. Excellent. If someone doesn't like it, I don't know why. Think of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

  11. It's perfect. I have no criticisms and am likely very biased. Think of GNU/Linux.